Should There Be More Than One Cover For A Book?

Not that long ago, I did a post about Movie/TV Show Covers VS. Original Covers and it really got me thinking about all these books that have more than one cover. I’m not just talking about the tie in editions but all the different countries that have a different cover for one book. You can have at least five different covers for one book. Since this is something that has been on my mind for a while now, I thought I would just write a whole post about it. 

Through this whole post, I’ll be using Cassandra Clare’s novel, City of Bones because this novel can basically be used with most of these topics. Sarah J. Maas’ Throne of Glass will also be used for one Cassandra Clare’s novel won’t work for. And no offense to these amazing authors because I love them so much. They are two of my favorites and I will always be a fan of them! 

With the help of Book Depository, there are at least nine different covers for City of Bones and it was released March 27, 2007. 10 years ago, and there are probably a lot more covers. Nine different covers. Why don’t you just make one universal cover? Don’t get me wrong about this: all the covers are beautiful. I just don’t understand why there are so many covers for this book. It’s one book. Honestly, in my opinion, there should only be like four covers for this book – one movie edition, one show edition, the original cover, and the ten year edition. 

I see the reasoning behind the special editions of a book. If the book turns a certain age, you should be able to have a special edition. The book is a big success! Yay! You get to have a new, special cover for the extra special edition of the book. But if you are not going to be adding in new content like I have seen some books do, don’t even bother to make a new cover. Plus, why are you going to make all the reader’s go and buy a new copy of the book, even though they have a perfectly good copy on their bookshelf? You know how they have the upgrade phone deal package thing? They should do that with books. Any time you want to get a new cover, turn in the book and get the newer copy. You wasted your money once on the book. Why are you going to do it again? 

I also see the reasoning behind the movie and TV show tie in editions on the books, even though I hate them. I understand that these covers are going to bring in new readers and a lot more money for the publisher and author but I just don’t like the covers. I just don’t like that. All of those thoughts have been turned into a post already. The one thing I don’t understand about books that are turned into both shows and movies is the different covers. Yes you did change actors and actresses (for the most part) but why couldn’t you just go with the overall label? I just think the two covers should somehow make the original cover as well, but that is just me. 

This is where Sarah J. Maas’ Throne of Glass becomes the new situation. Cover changes within the series. And this sort of goes along with this book buying trading deal. Why do you start your series with one cover and then you go and change the cover after a few books. Why even start one book with that cover even though you secretly know that you are going to change the covers later? There are three covers, that I know of on the top of my head, for this series – the original cover, the changed cover, and the British cover. I WANT TO KNOW WHY YOU DO THIS! I know that the covers also changed after the first book for Tahereh Mafi’s Shatter Me series and I want to know why. Here are a bunch of people who go and buy your first book but then when they go to buy the second one, the covers don’t match. At all. Here they are mad, probably won’t enjoy the second book as much for the cover, and never buy from the author again because of the chance of new covers. How hard is it to pick something out and work with it for a while? If you decided you don’t like it after a while, wait like ten years or so, make a new book cover selection with extra features in the book. Just stick with one thing and deal with it. I have to do it all the time. Welcome to the real world. 

I want you to answer this question secretly. Only you will know your answer. Would you rather have the original cover or the updated version? Would you rather have the cover that got this book to where it is now or would you rather have the cover that happened to come after the book got popular? Would you like to be one of those people who can collect these original covers or be like everyone else that has them? I have to admit, I do want to own the new covers for The Mortal Instruments even though I own the original. I just prefer the original covers. 

The whole thing I was trying to get across in this: why does different countries need their own special cover? There is the different language situation but why can’t you make the cover the same. There are so many times that another countries’ cover is a lot prettier than the one in the U.S. and all I want is that cover. Why can’t the publisher just make one universal cover for a book instead of people like me having to decide which book cover I want to get. Pick out about three different covers and have the readers pick which book is going to be available to the public. 

Do you agree with anything I said? What would you add to this? Do you disagree? Why or why not? What other books could you use in this circumstance? Have you really thoughts about this before? What book series has your favorite covers? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! 

Happy Reading,

5 thoughts on “Should There Be More Than One Cover For A Book?

  1. I definitely prefer the original covers. I’m trying to buy the original covers of my favoruite childhood series but it’s so hard years later. But I guess for marketing purposes the new covers help. I love the memories that come from the original covers though.

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  2. I prefer originals: they redid The Dark Days Club and I LOVED the original cover. And then they redid Hotel Ruby for some reason. Now Susan Dennard’s older series is getting a makeover, and I was one book short, so I hurried and got the last book so my set matches!
    I even liked the original ToG cover!


  3. I definitely think there should be less covers for the same books in circulation. If I could, I would choose different covers for only these three: original, movie edition, tenth anniversary edition. (Or higher if it’s goes into the twenties and beyond, I guess.) But three main ones. I also don’t like how different countries have different covers. I really don’t understand why.

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    1. I completely agree. Why do other countries get different covers? They are getting the same book with the same words as we are but they just get a different cover. There shouldn’t be a million different covers for one book.


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