A few months ago, I fell in love with Pretty Little Liars. Because of this addiction, I sort of found out about which stars had books and I wanted to get ahold of their books. Even though I have yet to get my hands on Shay Mitchell’s, I did get Keegan Allen’s. This book was so inspiring and it added another book to my memoir collection. Here’s you go! Another book review, just without the spoilers since I really don’t know how to spoil a book like this one.

I really haven’t been in the mood to really watch TV recently. There are two shows that I have to watch every week but that’s really it. I’ve been watching a lot of Book Hauls or reading a lot at night. What can I say? I’m a book nerd. But while I was watching, I found Jill @ Midnight Reads and saw the Never Will I Ever Book Tag. I watched the video, fell in love with Jill, and grew a strong desire to do this tag! So make sure you check the video out and I hope you enjoy the tag!

I love a book with a good cover. Covers are one of the factors on if I am going to buy a book. I know that I shouldn’t do that but I do. It’s a bad habit. That’s one of the reasons that I decided to read this book series. These covers are one of the best things I have seen in my eyes. But here I am, rambling on where I could be getting another review to your eyes. I guess should start then but just beware of the spoilers that you could encounter from this book and the previous books, Did I Mention I Love You? and Did I Mention I Need You?

The other day, Pretty Little Liars started back up and that made my mind blow up. At least Toby was in the episode and not a certain character… But after PLL, Freeform released a new series based off of Rebecca Serle’s book series Famous In Love. Since I had read the first book in the series, I decided to give the series a try. Well, thanks to my parents for having DirectTV because I have already gone and watched Season 1 since it is all On Demand right now. If you haven’t made it to the end of the season or read the book, just beware of some of the stuff you could read! Oh and thank you so much for getting me to 200 followers! I never thought that I would make it this far! I thought that I would be the only one that was reading my blog when I first started it. Thank you all so much and I love you all for it so much! 🙂

My mom, dad, and one of my sisters have been sick this week. I am praying that I don’t get sick because today is my last day of Spring Break and I don’t want to miss any days of school. The other day I saw that Zezee @ Zezee with Books did this Sick Book Tag and I sort of was contaminated. That’s why I have to do it; I caught a cold. So, here is this sweet little tag that I hope doesn’t get you sick!

I think I found my new favorite author of 2017. Give it up to Estelle Maskame for giving me this awesome book to review and cry my eyes out with. I didn’t get up for abut 5 hours while I was reading this book and now, I am telling you why this all happened. And also why there hasn’t been as many reviews/post going up. Either way, here is a review for Did I Mention I Need You? with some spoilers included. Make sure you check out my review for the first book in the series, Did I Mention I Love You before you read this one!

“La la la-la la la, Sing a happy song. La la la-la la la, Smurf the whole day long.” I got to see the new Smurf movie the other day and I am really happy that I saw it. One of my many boyfriends *cough Joe Manganiello* was in the movie so I was really happy to watch this movie. But anyway, here’s another review coming your way! This time, there is some spoilers combined in the review because I have a lot to say about this movie.