Other Post

Have you ever wondered what my thoughts were on a book, movie, music was? Make sure you leave a comment and let me know and I will make sure I check it out.

Do you have a tag you want me to do? Find something fun I should do? Favorite Author that you would like to share with the world? Let me know here and I will get back to you shortly!

Have you ever wanted to find just one, certain post but you don’t want to search for years? This has come to your help. Here, you can find a list of all the post I have ever done, even if I don’t like it.

Like any human, sometimes I don’t update it as soon as the post comes out because I might be in bed or might not have the greatest WIFI at the moment. I always try to stay on top of it and update it every day.

Disclaimer: All the reviews on my site are my opinion and things I didn’t like or liked. I don’t mean to offend any of you if I don’t like your favorite book because we are all different. We all have different minds and we all think different. That is one reason why I love having a blog in the first place.

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