Romances Works In Fiction

About two weeks ago, I did a tag where I had to talk about all the fails that occurred in fiction. TV Shows, books, movies, etc. After writing that post, I had been wanting to write this post. Which now is the time this post was written and you get to read the list of my favorite relationships in fiction. And I’m sorry but spoilers can’t be hidden! 

7. Mady and Olly from Everything, Everything:

I loved these two from the very beginning of this book. Mady was amazing and Olly was amazing. When you put these two together, you see so many amazing things going on. They are just way too adorable together and the love they had for each other was my favorite. 

6. Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman from The Sookie Stackhouse Series:

These two were a power couple through this series and the fact that Sookie ends up with Sam instead of Eric makes me want to die. While these two were together, Eric would do anything for Sookie. Sookie needs a haircut? Give her a haircut and a toaster because you’ll end up in a fight with Pam. Something about them was just right. And it wasn’t their marriage because I already know that was perfect, well, we see how that turned out. 

5. Aelin and Rowan from The Throne of Glass series:

With the ending of Empire of Storms, I am not okay. I need Rowan to find his wife. I warned you about spoilers, okay? But from the first time we meet Rowan, I just loved him. With Aelin being Aelin, Rowan found his next mate. Though there is all the Queen’s talk and all, and her weird magic, who knows anymore. But these two are a pea in a pod. They match each other perfectly and I just love reading them together.  

4. Rhysand and Feyre from A Court of Thorns and Roses

I know! Rhysand and Feyre are not first?! But there are so many good ones that this list is just so hard to make. But Rhysand is the definition of perfection. I love him. We would be first on every list. But with Feyre, there are sparks. And I’m not talking about the ones that they make in bed, a lot. If this series was a movie or a show, I would have to pick this cast out myself to make it perfect. Somehow again, Sarah J. Maas writes the stories and relationships that make me smile from head to toe. 

3. Dylan Massett and Emma Decody from Bates Motel:

Everytime I look at a picture of these two, I get butterflies in my stomach because of how cute they are. And I really don’t like Spectrum or Netflix because neither of them have season 5. Anyway, even though this relationship came from the middle of nowhere in this show, everything has some sort of new pace to it and makes so much more sense. And Emma and Dylan are made for each other. They understand each other better than what most people do. Plus, Dylan paid for Emma’s surgery. If that is not love, I don’t know what is. 

2. Bellamy Blake and Clarke Griffin from The 100 (BOOK ONLY):

Believe it or not, Bellamy and Clarke are together in the book series. And I love it. Bellamy is just so sweet and caring in the books and combined with Clarke’s desire to help others and her compassion, nothing could go wrong here. The way they are around each other and the things that they tell each other just is one of my favorite things in the whole world. Like you don’t even understand how much I love them.  

1. Spencer Hastings and Toby Cavanaugh from Pretty Little Liars (Show Only):

I love Spoby. Like a little too much. Spencer and Toby is what I want. Minus the fact of him being A, Spencer becoming A, and all that nonsense. But they did everything to protect each other. Even when they broke up and all, they still were able to remain friends and make it out End Game. They are just way too adorable to be a real thing. 

Do you agree with anything I said? What relationship or romance would you put on this list? Would you change anything around on my list? Have you read or seen any of these titles? What did you think about them? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! 

Happy Reading,

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