The Black Key (The Lone City #3) | Book Review

I finished yet another book. Sadly, it is not the book I have to read for required reading in English right now. But, I finished The Black Key by: Amy Ewing and I have to say, I don’t know how I feel about it. Here is my review on the book, which you should be warned of the spoilers!

The Black Key (The Lone City, #3)

Title: The Black Key

Author: Amy Ewing

Publisher: HarperTeen

Release: October 4, 2016

Pages: 304 (Hardback)

For too long, Violet and the people of the outer circles of the Lone City have lived in service to the royalty of the Jewel. But now the secret society known as the Black Key is preparing to seize power.
And while Violet knows she is at the center of this rebellion, she has a more personal stake in it—her sister, Hazel, has been taken by the Duchess of the Lake. Now, after fighting so hard to escape the Jewel, Violet must do everything in her power to return to save not only Hazel, but the future of the Lone City.


About the Author: Amy Ewing is the young adult author of The Jewel, the first in a trilogy from HarperTeen, coming out September 2014.
She grew up in a small town outside Boston, where her librarian mother instilled a deep love of reading at a young age. Amy moved to New York City in 2000 to study theater at New York University. Unfortunately, her acting career didn’t quite pan out. She worked in restaurants, as an administrative assistant, a nanny, and a sales representative for a wine distributor before the lack of creativity in her life drove her to begin writing.
Amy received her MFA in Creative Writing for Children from The New School, where she was lucky enough to meet a fabulous community of YA writers who keep her sane on a daily basis. She lives in Harlem, where she spends her days writing, eating cheese, and occasionally binge watching The Vampire Diaries.

My Review:

I really enjoyed the first two books in the series. Both of the books were exciting and kept me up though most of the night because I was wanting to read them so much. It was a tradition for me every year, for the past three years, to go to Barnes and Noble with gift card money and buys these books when they were released. This year, I am actually questioning my buying of the book. Overall, I would have to give the book a 3 out of 5.

The book was pretty predictable. We all know that the main character, especially when they are a female always is the heroin. All Violet wanted to do was save her sister. Violet also knew that she wanted to overthrow the government/the whole surrogate situation. As soon as I read those few facts through the book, I knew that it was all going to happen somehow. I might not know how but it was going to happen. During the whole battle between the Black Society and the Duchess, I knew how it was going to end. I had no idea that the person that kills her would be who it was but I knew it was going to happen.

Something I really love about the book is Violet being able to manipulate her face and being able to become someone else. Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to change your face to become someone else? Think about all the amazing things that you would be able to do throughout your life! I’m actually shocked that Ash and all the others didn’t react a little more than what they did. 

I found Violet a little annoying throughout the book. I liked her character in the past but to me, she was really annoying. It was almost like if something didn’t go her way, she would throw a fit. Ash and her were supposed to be together but it was like Violet didn’t love him the way he did. Ash wanted the best for her and wanted to protect her in any sort of way. Violet, nope. She did not want to get help from anyone. I think that she loved Lucien more than Ash. They had a bond that literally could not be broken. Lucien showed Violet another side of him and he was almost always nice to her, which was rare. The fact that Lucien took control of the whole mirror situation from Violet and was killed for it broke my little heart. Why didn’t Violet say anything? Why, just why? 

I hated the fact that there was a Coral AND a Cora. There names are practically the same thing. I started reading the book and there were several times that I had to do a double check to make sure I was thinking of the right person. Also, in the book, the characters all like Cora (she was Annabelle’s mom) and they all didn’t like Coral. For me, it was almost the other way around. Cora was a little rude and arrogant. She was almost like Violet, annoying and wanted things done their way. Coral was just looking for someone to talk to. She was raised different from most so it makes her different. If you give her the love and support as anyone else, she would be really amazing.

The plot in the book almost seemed like it wasn’t thought out very well. The idea of the book had so much promise and I had really high hopes, compared to the other ones in the series. There were so many events that happened that I really didn’t understand. For example, what was the whole point of the beach scene at the end of the book? I understand that it is supposed to represent the freedom they all have now but it was a little weird. Why were they planning this murder of Coral when they were since she just lost her father in law, planning a wedding situation, and having just gone through a whole shooting at some party. Like really??? It seemed like to me that the events in the book were just thrown into a random place, with no thought behind it. Maybe Amy Ewing placed the pages in front of a fan and let them fly into place.

Hazel acted like she was only like 10 in the book, but we all know that she is older than that – she was the one that was brought in to have a baby after Violet left. Violet acts like nothing is wrong between them when they see each other but she is the reason that Hazel is in the situation that she is in. Hazel was really annoying like her sister. Why wasn’t Hazel part of this plan of the surrogates going after the royals? I mean it was like everyone that Violet got around knew about the society. Hazel was always asking for something almost anytime that she came into the story line. I think the only time I really felt bad for was when she had to wear the fake baby bump and wear a leash. I think that was it. I think I have a whole problem with the family! 

I was tempted to give up on this book several times while I was reading this book. I felt like I was reading the same thing over and over again. Almost every time that Violent learned something new about the royals, something would happen to someone or war would erupt. I did like that Amy Ewing included vocabulary that some authors don’t even try to use – and that she used one of my favorite words out there, grotesque. Yep. I love this word way too much! Why don’t I use it more often then???

Have you read this book? What did you think about it? What were your thoughts on the book series? What about Amy Ewing? Do you enjoy her writing style? What is your favorite word at the moment? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Happy Reading,

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