End of Year Fiction Favorites Tag

There is only a few days left in 2016 and it seems unreal. School is going to start again. People’s lives are going to go back to normal. Normal routines will start again. 2017 will start. Since 2016 is wrapping up, I’ve been doing so as well on my blog. I saw this tag over on icebreaker94 and I knew that I had to do this tag!

  • If you do this tag please tag me atย Kate @meltingpotsandothercalamities
  • Please answer the questions. Whatโ€™s the point of the tags if you donโ€™t answer the questions?
  • You can tag as many people as you like!
  • Oh, and to clarify: the show or book or whatever do not need to have been created IN 2016, like, you can say your favorite book is The Green Mile, which is okay for this list if you read it for the first time in 2016.

What was your favorite book and movie from 2016? TV Shows or Webtoons/Comics are also allowed, but aren’t needed.

Book: A Court of Mist and Fury by: Sarah J. Maas – You all already knew that. When aren’t I talking about this book?

Movie: The 33 – Even though knew how the movie would end, I was still at the edge of my seat, in tears. Such an amazing movie!

TV Show: Westworld – Hands down, my favorite TV Show in ever. This show had everything that a good show needs. I’m hoping that we don’t have to wait until 2018 for the next season like I heard/read!

Who Is Your Favorite Author of 2016? Screen Writers are allowed.

Book: Cassandra Clare – I love this women and I haven’t even met her.

Movie: Jane Goldman – She did the screenplay for Ransom Riggs’ Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children. Yes there was a few things that I really didn’t care for in the movie but the way that it was written was beautiful.

TV Show: I really don’t just have one. There are a lot of them that I do enjoy but not a favorite.

Who Is Your Favorite Actor and Actress of 2016?

TV Show:

  • Actor: Dominic Sherwood – I didn’t particularly like the show Shadowhunters but I really enjoyed watching him on the show. The way he acted brought the whole show together.
  • Actress: Evan Rachel Wood – I knew who she was before watching Westworld since she was a Queen in True Blood. I liked her acting before but after Westworld, I want to go and watch more of her. She brings something out of people that many actors or actresses can’t do.


  • Actor: Adam DeVine – I freaking love this guy. Everything that he does is hilarious and I always love his acting the most. I’m excited to watch more stuff with him in it.
  • Actress: Ellen DeGeneres – Ellen is one of my favorite people in the world. Watching her play Dory again in Finding Dory was amazing. Yes, the movie is animated but I loved that movie.
Who is Your Favorite Fictional Couple and Brotp?


  • Couple: It depends on the situation so it would either have to be Rowan and Aelin (Throne of Glass) or Feyre and Rhysand (A Court of Thorns and Roses). Sarah J. Maas is the queen of OTP.
  • Brotp: William Herondale and Jem Carstair (The Infernal Devices) – These two are something else. Just something else and I love it.


  • Couple: Marlin and Dory (Finding Dory) – In the movie the two never really officially get together but I like to think that they are going out because of how much they cared about each other.
  • Brotp: Amir and Hassan (The Kite Runner) – In the book, I really didn’t see how amazing their relationship before I watched it in the movie. Yes, Amir did do all those things to Hassan but somehow I was able to overlook it.

TV Show:

  • Couple: Dolores and Teddy (Westworld) – Perfection. Just perfection. These two are ‘in love’ and it is amazing to watch it on the screen.
  • Brotp: Phil Dunphy and Andy Bailey (Modern Family) – When you get these two together, you never know that you will get out of them.
Who Is Your Favorite Fictional Antagonist?

Book: Charlie from The Sun Is Also A Star by: Nicola Yoon – He was mean and he was one of my favorites in the whole book

Movie: Snowball from The Secret Life of Pets who was played by the amazing Kevin Hart – Snowball was this tiny bunny who was the leader of this group who wanted to free dogs that were going to the shelter but also wanted to kill Max. Snowball was not only adorable but also hilarious.

TV Show: Viv from American Housewife. Katie is supposed to hate Viv because one of the episodes it shows how close her daughter was getting with Viv. Viv is supposed to be the rich, annoying neighbor who looks perfect all the time and Katie hates it. In reality, Viv is actually pretty awesome in the show.

What Is The Most Beautiful Thing You Saw on TV, Movies, Comics, or Books?

Books: Someone over coming something that the thought was real but in reality wasn’t real (Everything Everything)

Movie: Two people who had no reason to be together end up getting together, even after everything the girl knew what the guy wanted (Me Before You)

TV Show: Computerized androids who were designed to kill (Westworld)

What Was Your Favorite Quote of 2016?

“Your voice is the first thing I heard” – Dolores and Bernard in Westworld

I Tag:

I tag all of you to do this tag! It was so much fun to do so I would like to share the fun with all of you!

What do you think about my answers? Do you agree with them? What were some of your favorites of this year? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Happy Reading,

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