Why I Came Back (& Why I Stopped)

Long time no see! Yes, I haven’t forgotten about you guys! My life has been one big roller coaster that I never can stop. And I am back and I hope I can take you on this roller coaster with me. 

People always tell you that Junior Year is your hardest year in high school. I always overthought that and was like “that won’t be me.” Well, that’s where the first big lie happened that I told myself. I have been stressed out with my classes with all the work I have been meaning to do and teachers that just don’t ever do what they need to do. I’m involved with my school band and that’s going to be a whole other section in this passage. I’m part of DECA, FBLA, NTHS, NHS, and possibly bringing back out school’s book club with my Girl Scout Gold Award. Starting in two weeks or so, I’m starting my college class for math and learning another language is stressful. But since the school year is coming to an end, I decided I would come back to y’all because I really did miss y’all. 

I previously mentioned that I was involved in my school band. And when I said that I was involved in my school band, I mean INVOLVED. I have done so much with my school band this year it is crazy. I’m working on getting a new clarinet (and I’m really excited about it), I was involved in two honor bands for the state, participated in our All-County yet again, and recently started working on my All-District audition for next year. I’m also working on learning more about jazz music so I can play piano for jazz band next school year. I’ve been attending concert after concert, learning pieces of music all the time because we have a million things going on soon, and I’m just tired.

I’ve also been in some sort of reading slump recently. I just haven’t had the desire to read and I just haven’t had the time to really do it. I’m just finally getting out of the slump, slowly, and we have Sarah J. Maas to thank for this. I am just so glad she came out with A Court of Frost and Starlight when she did because I might not be writing this post in the first place. But I’m hoping to have a few post up soon and we’ll be seeing each other a lot more. 


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