Unfriended Movie Review (With Spoilers)

Last night I watched the movie Unfriended because not only was it a movie I been wanting to watch but it was also on HBO Demand so I gave it a go. But like most movies I think look really good in the trailer, the movie was kind of boring and lame.

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Title: Unfriended

Director: Leo Gabriadze

Released: April 17, 2015

Run Time: 83 Minutes

Distributed By: Universal Pictures

Rating: 3.2 out of 5 Stars


This film unfolds over a teenager’s computer screen as she and her friends are stalked by an unseen figure who seeks vengeance for a shaming video that led a vicious bully to kill herself a year earlier.

  • Shelley Hennig as Blaire Lily
  • Moses Jacob Storm as Mitch Roussel
  • Renee Olstead as Jess Felton
  • Will Peltz as Adam Sewell
  • Jacob Wysocki as Ken Smith
  • Courtney Halverson as Val Rommel
  • Heather Sossaman as Laura Barns
  • Mickey River as Dank Jimmy
  • Cal Barnes as Rando Pauls
Why I Wanted To Watch It:

I have been interested in this movie since I saw the trailer for the first time on TV. I remember being intrigued because I am into all of the scary/horror movies. This movie, based upon the trailer I watched, it looked like a movie that would be interesting and had some death involved. I might have wanted to watch the movie a little more because one of the actors was kind off hot.

Favorite Scene:

I know how bad this is going to sound but I loved the scene when Ken blended his hand when he was possessed with Laura’s body. The fact that the movie watchers sort of get a feel about the violence that Laura can cause to these teens s crazy. I also liked it because who doesn’t want to see someone blend their hand at least once in their life? Go ahead, call me crazy because I already know that I am.

Least Favorite Scene:

The scene where Blaire and Mitch are skyping in the opening scene. I understand that the scene provides you with Mitch thinking that Blaire has never had sex but they make that scene go a little too extreme. They could have had the two of them talking, not having Blaire start to take off her clothes in the middle of it.

Feelings During The Movie:

The only feelings I got through this movie was anticipation because I was wondering when a character was going to die and how thy were going to die. I already knew they would die because it was sort of obvious but I had no clue how extreme. I didn’t feel bad for any of their deaths because they all have done something to hurt Laura before she died and they all have hurt each other. I also felt like they could have done without Jess, the blonde chick because she seemed to be the character that was put there that was the scared of everything one. Jess was crying the whole time and hoping that everything was going to be okay. When Laura came to her home, she was freaking out and made Blaire call the cops on a dead person.


Who Would You Recommend This To:

Just before you watch this movie, if you are someone who doesn’t like to watch people die or the sight of blood, you should not watch this movie. This movie isn’t scary in any sort of way but the deaths all occur in the form of suicide. If you want to watch a movie that is similar to Ouija, this would be that movie. But, I wouldn’t recommend this movie to anyone because of how boring it was.

This movie is told through a computer monitor. You see everything through the computer screen. You don’t see past the screen until the end of the movie when Laura comes to visit Blaire and surprises her.

Have you seen this movie? If you did, how did you feel about it? If you haven’t, do you want to see this movie? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Happy Reading,

 ❤ Ann

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