Just Don’t Mention It (The DIMILY Trilogy #4) | Book Review

One of my all-time favorite characters got their own book. And not only is it about my favorite character, but it is written by one of my favorite authors, Estelle Maskame. I have raved and raved about this series and I never thought I would be doing this again. But I am and I am so excited to be doing this! Make sure you check out my other reviews for the series and the book first because I can 100% promise you that there spoilers all through this. 

Did I Mention I Love You? | Did I Mention I Need You? | Did I Mention I Miss You?

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Title: Just Don’t Mention It

Author: Estelle Maskame

Publisher: Ink Road

Released: June 21, 2018

Pages: 470 (Paperback)

Tyler Bruce – hell raiser and bad boy – tells his story in his own words.
Alternating between past and present, Just Don’t Mention It is narrated from Tyler’s perspective. We see his life as a twelve-year-old boy suffering physical abuse at the hands of his dad. We see him as the daredevil seventeen-year-old we first met in Did I Mention I Love You?, the stepbrother who falls head over heels for Eden.
In these parallel timelines we finally understand the enigmatic Tyler’s complex story and his innermost thoughts – on his dad, his mom, on Tiffani and Eden – all the things Eden wasn’t witness to. And, crucially, the reader gains heartbreaking insight into why Tyler becomes the self-obsessed, angry and unhappy guy we encounter in DIMILY.
This utterly addictive rollercoaster of a novel gives voice to one of the most adored characters in Estelle Maskame’s extraordinary international bestseller, Did I Mention I Love You?

Estelle Maskame

About the Author: Estelle Maskame is a novelist from Peterhead in Scotland. After gaining universal acclaim online during her teenage years, she signed a print contract with the Edinburgh-based publisher Black & White Publishing at the age of seventeen. She left school and now writes full-time. Did I Mention I Love You? is her first novel.


Tyler Bruce likes to put on a brave face. His childhood was not like everyone else. With a father that wanted the best for his kid and wanted him to be perfect, Tyler never got to live. Five years later, Tyler walks around, doing whatever he wants, whenever he wants to. Nobody can stop him or get his guard down. Until Eden Munro come into the picture and he might fall in love with her. The only issue is… Eden is his stepsister. 

Let me set the scene for you. I had just gotten home from celebrating the completion of my first college class. I got home and I saw a package from Book Depository on the porch. I open it up and cancel all my plans for the rest of the day because I was reading this book. And I did that and I might have cried a few times. 

All throughout the DIMILY trilogy, I wanted to know more about Tyler’s childhood from his childhood with his abusive father. Yes, you get to hear all about it in the original trilogy but I wanted to know Tyler’s thoughts and from his perspective. It might be because Tyler and I are secretly dating and no one knows it but I needed to know more. Reading this book made me so emotional and want to protect the ones around me from something like this happening even though Tyler is just a character. I just felt like I had a magical connection to these characters that I can’t help but love. 

I’m not one of those who will typically like books that switch back and forth between characters or time periods. Something about Estelle Maskame’s writing made me love it. I love the way that the “Five Years Ago” section would correlate into the “Present” section and it would make a lot more sense about why something was said or why Tyler would go and do such a thing. 

Estelle Maskame keeps writing all these amazing books that suck you in and just make you want to read all day. Her writing is fun, light, and just perfected and I love getting to see how her writing has changed through her books because it’s almost like you see her grow up through them. Estelle has this power to suck you in and get connected to them so easily that you almost forget about everything else around you. The writing isn’t too difficult to understand but at the same time, it isn’t too easy to understand. And sometimes I have to remind myself that she isn’t from the U.S. because she has it figured out and it’s hard to tell. 

After reading this book, I want another Tyler Bruce story. I know this won’t be happening but I want one. I want to know his perspective on the whole series, especially after he goes off to New York, that’s when he goes to get Eden’s name tattooed on him AND Eden begins dating Dean. I would love to know all his thoughts behind the tattoo and what he thinks when his ‘friend’ Dean starting dating the love of his life, his stepsister. I loved getting his full thoughts about Tiffani’s fake pregnancy, his first time with Eden, the Beach Party when he shares the story with Eden, and everything else. I just want more of him. Is there anyone that doesn’t agree with that? 

Overall, I would have to give this book a 4.5 out of 5. Yes, I loved this book and it is one of my favorites for 2018 (maybe because I’ve only read 2) but I had a little issue with it. There were times I was a little bored with it because I knew how something would go because it was in the other books. Other than that, I really did love this book and my love of Tyler Bruce continues to grow. If you have not read an Estelle Maskame book, you really need to. 

Have you read this book? Have you read any of Estelle Maskame’s work? What is your favorite book? Do you have any editions of books that came from another country than yours? How often have you used Book Depository? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! 

Happy Reading,

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