TV Shows I Couldn’t Get Into

We all have our favorite shows. We all have shows we can’t stand. We all have shows we just couldn’t get into, no matter what. For some reason, I have been thinking about this a lot and I thought I would share with you some of the shows I couldn’t get into. And if you are a fan of any of these shows, all the power to you. I just couldn’t do it. You go and binge watch what you want.

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Title: Orange Is The New Black 

Created By: Jenji Kohan

Network: Netflix

Released: July 11, 2013 – Present

Run Time: 51 – 92 Minutes

Piper Chapman is a public relations executive with a career and a fiance when her past suddenly catches up to her. In her mid-30s she is sentenced to spend time in a minimum-security women’s prison in Connecticut for her association with a drug runner 10 years earlier. This Netflix original series is based on the book of the same title. Forced to trade power suits for prison orange, Chapman makes her way through the corrections system and adjusts to life behind bars, making friends with the many eccentric, unusual and unexpected people she meets.

I seriously tried to watch this show. Three times I think. When we first got Netflix, I kept hearing that this show was amazing and that I would love it. I couldn’t get through the first ten minutes since I got so bored and annoyed with the show. I don’t care what people go and say about this show because NOTHING will ever get me to watch this show. My sister loved the show and my dad was in the same boat a few months ago with me. Neither one of us can watch this show because we can’t. I really don’t know if it is because I really hated the idea behind the show or the fact that I hated the acting on the show. Just no. 

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Title: GLOW

Created By: Liz Flahive & Carly Mensch

Network: Netflix

Released: June 23, 2017 – Present

Run Time: 29 – 37 Minutes

Alison Brie stars as Ruth Wilder, an out-of-work actress living in Los Angeles in the ’80s. Wilder finds an unexpected chance at stardom: enter the glitter and spandex-laden world of women’s wrestling, where she must work alongside 12 other Hollywood misfits. Marc Maron plays the role of Sam Sylvia, a washed-up director of “B” movies who tries to lead the group of women to fame. The series is created by Carly Mensch and Liz Flahive, who serve as executive producers with Jenji Kohan and Tara Herrmann.

There is a common factor between Orange Is The New Black and this show. Jenjo Kohan has had part of both of them. I didn’t even know that until I looked the information out about this show. My dad was the first one to watch it, then my sister. My dad and mom weren’t a fan of the show but my sister was. They kept asking her if it got any better and she said that they were crazy for not liking it from the first second. After they said that, I decided to give it a go. I couldn’t. I watched the first episode and I couldn’t get into it. Nothing was making sense and I hated the direction the show was heading. It was terrible. I actually hated it more than my parents do. And that says something. 

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Title: Grey’s Anatomy 

Created By: Shonda Rhimes

Network: ABC 

Released: March 27, 2005 – Present

Run Time: 43 Minutes

The medical drama series focuses on a group of doctors at a hospital in Seattle, including several who began their careers at the facility as interns. One of the doctors and the show’s namesake, Meredith Grey, is the daughter of a famous surgeon. She struggles to maintain relationships with her colleagues, particularly the hospital’s one-time chief of surgery, Richard Webber, due to a pre-existing relationship between them — Webber and Meredith’s mother had a personal relationship when Meredith was young.

I’m like the only human in the world that doesn’t like this show. I don’t know what gets people so addicted to this show. To me, it is like watching the same thing happen over and over again. Don’t you get tired after a while? Then the original cast has mostly left. I mean 13 seasons worth of a show? I can’t even stand watching one episode. What makes you think 13 seasons worth will be any better. The acting is pretty good on this show though. I do love the original cast since it had a lot of my favorite actors and actresses on the list. 

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Title: NCIS

Created By: Donald P. Bellisario & Don McGill 

Network: CBS

Released: September 23, 2003 – Present

Run Time: 39 – 44 Minutes

Naval Criminal Investigative Service Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs leads a group of colorful personalities in investigating crimes — ranging from murder and espionage to terrorism — that have evidence connected to Navy and Marine Corps personnel. The team includes witty ex-homicide detective Anthony DiNozzo, quirky forensics specialist Abby Sciuto, and the brilliant — if insecure — Timothy McGee. Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard brings his vast experience in forensics into play to help solve cases.

My dad is always watching this show so I have seen several episodes. I can’t. They almost all have the same storyline and I am able to figure out what happened and all that fun stuff in the first ten minutes. If that. I would rather go and watch the show that has the character Oliva Benson – CSI? I just don’t like it. I do really like Donald P. Bellisario’s daughter’s show though.

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Title: The Big Bang Theory

Created By: Chuck Lorre & Bill Prady

Network: CBS

Released: September 24, 2007 – Present

Run Time: 18 – 22 Minutes

Mensa-fied best friends and roommates Leonard and Sheldon, physicists who work at the California Institute of Technology, may be able to tell everybody more than they want to know about quantum physics, but getting through most basic social situations, especially ones involving women, totally baffles them. How lucky, then, that babe-alicious waitress/aspiring actress Penny moves in next door. Frequently seen hanging out with Leonard and Sheldon are friends and fellow Caltech scientists Wolowitz and Koothrappali. Will worlds collide? Does Einstein theorize in the woods?

I know why I can’t watch this show for a full episode: I am way too much like Sheldon Cooper. My parents actually call me Sheldette because I am the female version of him. I get the sense of humor that the show has. I’m smart and I understand it. I like where the idea of the show came from. I can’t watch a version of myself on the screen. Anytime that my sisters see a photo for the show, they go and say, “Hey Ann! It’s your dad on the screen.” I know who it is and what it is for. If it wasn’t for me being Sheldette, I would probably be a big fan of this show. 

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Title: The Vampire Diaries

Created By: Kevin Williamson & Julie Plec

Network: The CW

Released: September 10, 2009 – March 10, 2017

Run Time: 41 – 44 Minutes

The Vampire Diaries is an American supernatural drama television series developed by Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec, based on the popular book series of the same name written by L. J. Smith.

And I thought Twilight vampires were bad after watching True Blood. These vampires are on another level. I honestly want to know how this show went on for eight seasons where I think the same thing happened over and over again. How did they manage to even end the show when one of the main characters left the show? And that love triangle that was thrown into the mix was just awkward and I hated it. I think I watched the first five episode and gave up. I couldn’t. I did my best though. 

And that is the list! These are the shows I attempted to watch but I just couldn’t. I did try and I did my best. I just couldn’t. Now if you watch any of these shows, I’m sorry I had to say all these things. I just didn’t like the show. I bet you don’t like one of the shows I am watching now. Just be glad I cut it off where I did. There are several shows that I could have added to the list as well. 

Have you watched any of these show? Do you agree or disagree with what I said? What shows would you put on this list? What shows are you watching? Who is your favorite actor and actress? Would you rather watch a TV Show or a Movie? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! 

Happy Reading,

12 thoughts on “TV Shows I Couldn’t Get Into

    1. I thought I would enjoy The Vampire Diaries since I loved vampires and all but apparently I didn’t like their version. I haven’t even bothered to read the books yet

      Liked by 1 person

      1. lol I haven’t read the books, I don’t think they’ll be much better. To be honest the main reason I watched the show is because Stefan and Damon are really attractive 😂

        Liked by 1 person

        1. That’s one of the main reasons my sister actually watched the show: all the ‘really hot guys’ as she says. I’ve actually read one of the books that the author has released and I really didn’t like the book.

          Liked by 1 person

    1. After watching the first episode of so, I sort of gave up the hope of reading the books. I was planning on it but I never did for some reason. Maybe one day I’ll get to it but I haven’t.


  1. I just read Piper Kerman’s memoir a few months ago, and I was really impressed with her writing. But, I never understood the hype with the show. Same with Grey’s Anatomy – Too soap-opera-like! I do like NCIS, and I love The Big Bang Theory!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t understand the hype around OITNB either. I just don’t understand it. Soap Opera type shows are just horrible and the same thing happens in every single episode. My parents really like NCIS and The Big Bang Theory but I was never a fan of either of them.


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