Homecoming (The 100 #3) | Book Review

I’m making my way through this series and I am loving every minute of it. It’s heartbreaking to me that I only have one more book in this series. 😦 I wish there was like a million more books so #Bellarke will always be with me. Thank you for the TV show so I can fill that void with the show! Anyway, I’m back with yet again another review and like I have said before, this is a spoiler free review of book three of The 100 series, Homecoming

The 100 | Day 21

Homecoming (The 100, #3)

Title: Homecoming

Author: Kass Morgan

Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

Released: February 24, 2015

Pages: 340 (Paperback)

Weeks after landing on Earth, the Hundred have managed to create a sense of order amidst their wild, chaotic surroundings. But their delicate balance comes crashing down with the arrival of new dropships from space.
These new arrivals are the lucky ones—back on the Colony, the oxygen is almost gone—but after making it safely to Earth, GLASS’s luck seems to be running out. CLARKE leads a rescue party to the crash site, ready to treat the wounded, but she can’t stop thinking about her parents, who may still be alive. Meanwhile, WELLS struggles to maintain his authority despite the presence of the Vice Chancellor and his armed guards, and BELLAMY must decide whether to face or flee the crimes he thought he’d left behind.
It’s time for the Hundred to come together and fight for the freedom they’ve found on Earth, or risk losing everything—and everyone—they love.

Kass Morgan

About the Author: Kass Morgan studied literature at Brown and Oxford, and now resides in Brooklyn, where she lives in constant fear of her Ikea bookcase collapsing and burying her under a mound of science fiction and Victorian novels.


Some of the Colony has just fallen to Earth. Guess who was part of this whole thing: the most important and in command people from the Colony. Now, they are back and the hundred are worried that they are going to claim territory over what they have and not listen to anything that they have discovered. But when these space pods have a rough landing, the hundred might not be in so much trouble. Of course, they are wrong and they might be facing the worse they have encountered so far. Clarke Griffin just found out that her parents might actually still be alive but the guy she loves is making the biggest decision of his life. Wells Jaha was similar to the Chancellor down on Earth but with the Colony’s Vice Chancellor on the ground, he needs to give over power and reassure everything is going to be okay when he knows it is not. Glass Sorenson just made it down to Earth with the guy she likes and without her mother. But when she gets off the ship, she can’t find the love of her life and is fearing the worse. Bellamy Blake is having to decide between leaving his sister and his girlfriend or risk staying to be with them and being shot for shooting the Chancellor before he left. 

I started this book as soon as I finished Day 21 because I needed to know what was going on. Sometimes when I binge read a series, I don’t always enjoy it as much. I know it sounds weird but it’s true. But most of the time I really love the series a lot more and it makes me want to become obsessed with it. I wanted to know more. There was just one thing I didn’t like, even though it gave me the feels. And it is really tempting to spoil the end of the book for this even though my emotions are all over the place with the ending. I ALREADY KNEW BELLAMY’S FATE FROM THE BEGINNING. I mean, don’t we all. But if you didn’t know how Bellamy’s story goes, I’m gonna leave it here so I don’t go and spoil it for you all. 

I swear I say this every time I review this book. I feel like I say this anytime I binge read an author. Kass Morgan’s writing has to be the best in this book. Absolute amazing writing. I didn’t like the fact that some of the stuff that happened through the book was a little predictable, but I feel like that has happened to me through the whole book series. Something about the way she worded things in this story was breath taking and it left me wanting more. 

Original, if I read this correctly, this was supposed to be the last book in this trilogy but Kass Morgan wrote another book, Rebellion. I can see that this is the end of the trilogy and I sort of wish that Kass Morgan would have left it at that. For some reason, I get the feeling that I am going to be reading the same thing over again just based off the synopsis of the next book. I’m fine with the ending of the book. Well, as fine as I can be because of the ending. It was written like the ending book of a trilogy. I am still excited to read the next book in the series. Don’t get me wrong there. I am really excited to jump into the next story line but couldn’t we have left it off here? 

Did Glass bother anyone else with how stupid and annoying she was? She basically lived, thought, spoke, ate, drank, slept, etc Luke. Can we give Luke, who I actually quite enjoy and if Bellamy wasn’t in Clarke’s life, I would ship with her, a break? This kid has gone through enough! If you have read my show review for season 1, which happens to have the same poster as this book, you know I never liked Raven. Well, it’s true. I found her sort of annoying and just a character I didn’t bond with. I love Lindsey Morgan, the actress who plays Raven, but it’s just Raven. All the things I don’t like about Raven are inside of Glass. It is almost like the show writers combined Glass and Luke to make Raven. If you have read the book you might understand that. Glass is becoming my least favorite character and I thought that spot was taken by Vice Chancellor Rhodes. 

Even though I don’t like Glass, I almost put Raven, the characters are developed nicely and they have so many things that they have that I enjoy and I don’t. In a sense, if Wells didn’t have Sasha in his life, Wells would not be growing at all. If Clarke didn’t have Bellamy, other than my heart being broken, nothing would ever get down out of the box from her. If Glass didn’t have Luke, she probably would do even crazier things and probably get herself killed at one point in time. All these things that seem really small through the book actually attribute to a larger picture. And these small characters who you don’t think matter, actually do matter. Also, take a lesson from Wells. Don’t trust everyone. Might as well put it this way – don’t trust anyone. And I mean anyone. 

There seemed to be a lot more twist and turns in this book than most of the other books and I think that is one reason I sort of liked this book a little more. There really wasn’t a pacing issue for the book when it comes to me but I read other people had problems with it. One minute you might be thinking one thing is going to happen but then the next something else is going on. And I reiterate what I said before. The emotion level of this book seemed to be a lot higher than the others. It might have been because it was supposed to be the last book in the series but I enjoyed it just fine. 

Overall, I would have to give this book a 4.5 out of 5. So far, it was probably the one that got my heart the most excited and it had all these twists and turns that kept me reading. It was also the one that got me to my feels. Even though I rated it lower than the previous book, this is by far my favorite book in the series so far. And to think I only have one book left in the series and I don’t want it to end! 

Have you read this book? What did you think about it? Which book in the series is your favorite? Do you enjoy the book or the show better? Who is your favorite character from the book and the show? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! 

Happy Reading,


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