Signs That You Are A Book Lover

I will be the first one to admit that I am a book lover. The thing is, I didn’t realize I was until not that long ago. I thought I just liked reading a little more than others. Maybe you don’t realize that you are a book lover as I had. So, I thought that I would come up with a list of some signs for you to start noticing if you are more than a bookworm! 

1. You love to open up a new book and smelling it.

Admit it. We all have done it. We go and buy a book and we have to smell it. Something about fresh pages that have never been read and the new ink smell is so magical. Every time I buy a book, I have to smell it. 

2. You carry a book with you no matter where you are going.

I’m a crazy person and it just shows how much I love books. When we were traveling to Ohio from North Carolina a few years ago, there was a really bad accident and we were stuck on the highway for about 45 minutes. I wished I had a book with me now. Ever since then, I have had a book in the car or in my purse if it was big enough. You never know when that book might come in good use! 

3. Even though you get car sick from reading, you still try to. 

I have a really bad habit of that. I can read on a bus but not a car. So no matter what, I always try to read on a road trip. I might only get five to ten pages into the book before I start to feel sick but it beats not being able to do anything because your phone will eventually get tiring. Or dead. 

4. You keep buying books despite the fact that you have an ever growing TBR list.

Hands down, I do that. It is one of the reasons that I’m not buying books for a while, with the fact of saving for a new phone. I used to buy like five to ten books a month because I needed to read it or just because I wanted to support the author. And even though you say that you aren’t going to buy a book or that you are just going to look, you know deep down inside that isn’t true. 

5. You don’t let certain people borrow your books. 

My mom. Seven of my friends. Myself. Those are all I allow to borrow my books. I like my books to look new when I finish reading them because you never know what you might have to do with it later. I have had a bad experience where I let someone borrow my favorite Cassandra Clare book and now it has a bent corner. 

6. Even though you trust these people with these books, you are still worried about what could happen.

You never know what a person could be doing with your book when you are not around! 

7. You know the names of all the good employees at your closest book store. And you know when they are working. 

There are two employees at my Books-A-Million that I know on a name bases. I know that I should head to the store at a certain time because they handle my books in a very nice way, instead of some of the other ones who work there. Like the other guy. I met some new guy that was so persistent and didn’t give me 20% I should have gotten since their sale was going on. I know never to go again at that time. 

8. All you plan on a rainy is what book you are going to read. 

When it rains, it pours. You never know when it might stop. You don’t want to leave the house unless you HAVE to. So when you notice it was going to rain, you decided on the book you are reading. Not your plans. You tell your friends that you are sorry and other plans came up. These plans with your book occurred. 

9. You bring more books on vacation with you than days you are going to be there. 

You never know when you might be in a mood for a different style or how much time you might have to read! You need to bring options just in case. You also never know when you might have an impromptu photo shoot with the books as well. (That might be happening soon…) 

10. Even though your day is going terribly wrong, books are the only thing that cheers you up.

This basically explains everything. 

What are some signs that you associate with book lovers? Do you think there is a difference between a book lover and a book worm? Do you agree with any of these? Or do you disagree with any of them? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! 

Happy Reading,

9 thoughts on “Signs That You Are A Book Lover

  1. “You love to open up a new book and smelling it.”
    True, but I also love smelling my current reads before I read them!
    Gosh, I sound crazy after rereading the above sentence, haha.

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    1. I’m glad that you liked the post! I’ve been carrying around a 699 page book for about a week and my family thinks I’m crazy. Bigger is better most of the time

      Liked by 1 person

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