Taken 3 | Movie Review

A few months ago, I watched the first two Taken movies and had some mix emotions about them. I was planning on watching the third one shortly after I finished the second one but I couldn’t find it on TV. But a few weeks ago, I found it and recorded it. I finally got the chance to watch it and I could have lived without it. It was definitely different than Taken and Taken 2Don’t worry, this will be spoiler free just in case you haven’t watched it and want to. 

Taken 3 poster.jpg

Title: Taken 3

Director: Oliver Megaton

Released: January 9, 2015

Run Time: 109 Minutes

Distributed By: 20th Century FOX

Ex-covert operative Bryan Mills and his ex-wife, Lenore, are enjoying a reconciliation when Lenore is brutally murdered. Bryan is framed for the crime and flees, with the CIA, FBI and police all in hot pursuit. For the last time, he channels his rage and particular set of skills into hunting down Lenore’s real killers, taking his revenge and protecting the one important thing left in his life: his daughter, Kim.

The Cast:

  • Liam Neeson as Bryan Mills
  • Forest Whitaker as Inspector Frank Dotzler
  • Maggie Grace as Kim Mills
  • Famke Janssen as Lenore Mills-St. John
  • Dougray Scott as Stuart St. John
  • Sam Spruell as Oleg Malankov
  • Leland Orser as Sam Gilroy
  • Jon Gries as Mark Casey
  • David Warshofsky as Bernie Harris
  • Jonny Weston as Jimmy
  • Don Harvey as Detective Garcia
  • Dylan Bruno as Detective Smith
  • Al Sapienza as Detective Johnson
My Review: 

Bryan Mills thought he was done with saving the ones he loved. He had to save his daughter Kim in Europe. His daughter had to do the same to Bryan when he went on vacation. With Bryan and his ex wife, Lenore, getting cozier, things could not go worst. But somehow they did. Lenny shows up dead in Bryan’s bed and he is now getting blamed for the crime he didn’t do. With the cops coming after him, Bryan has to work fast to somehow clear his name. With so much changing in his life, will Bryan be able to clear his name? 

When I started this movie, I had to restart it three times just to make sure I was watching the right movie. The beginning did not look like any of the other movies in the series and I hope I am not the only one who noticed that. I didn’t like how the set up the whole movie. Yes it does show some idea on the people that could take part in Lenny’s death but I could have lived without it.

Though it was pretty easy to follow along with the movie, I wasn’t the biggest fan on the writing of the movie. I felt like I was hearing the same things over and over again. And I felt like I was watching the same thing over and over again. The cast even seemed bored through the movie. The writing seemed to be a little bland and really didn’t have any personality. It also seemed like the whole thing was stretched out way too much. There were so many little things that got on my nerves that the characters did that got on my nerves. Bagels and Rubber Bands. Why? How naive were these people in the movie? I could figure it all out from the beginning and I hope that someone else did too. 

As I previously said, the characters seemed to be really bored through the movie. The movie was supposed to action packed and adventurous but I did not see any of it. The cast had no life to them. It was like they were going through all the actions but not caring about what it looked like. What is going on with Kim’s hair? And why are we always celebrating Kim’s birthday? Kim was even worse than before and I couldn’t stand Bryan in the movie. Bryan is supposed to be the star of the movie but he wasn’t there. We got to see his very boring life and that was really it. Nothing fun at all. 

Though the writers really didn’t do their job through the movie, the editing crew and the director did a decent job with their job. The sets seemed to be set up well, other than the bagel situation AGAIN, and I really liked watching all the secrets coming out of people when it came to their location. The editing and makeup crew did so good when it came to all these explosions and all the battle scars that I couldn’t help but enjoy that part. The battle scars looked so real but they couldn’t do something with Kim’s hair? That part I still don’t understand. 

Overall, I would have to give this movie a 2 out of 5. It really wasn’t amazing and entertaining. I would rather watch grass grow than have to watch that movie again. If you have seen the other movies but haven’t gotten to this one yet, DON’T WATCH IT. You really won’t be missing much. Just go and google the ending. You will have more fun doing that. It was such a big disappointment that I spent so long waiting for this movie and not enjoying it as much as I did. 

Have you seen this movie? Did you watch the other movies? Which movie from the trilogy did you like the best? Who was your favorite character from the movie? Did you figure everything out before the movie told you? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Happy Reading,

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