Taylor Swift: This Is Our Song | Book Review

I am a really big Taylor Swift fan. Yes, call me a Swiftie. So when I made my Christmas List for 2016, of course, I had to put some Taylor Swift stuff on it. And I got it. Well, I am finally coming around to reading some of the books that have been sitting on my shelf for a while and this was one of them. So, if you are interested in learning more about Taylor Swift’s career, this is the book for you. Feel free to read this spoiler free review of Taylor Swift: This Is Our Song.

Title: Taylor Swift: This Is Our Song

Author: Tyler Conroy

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Released: October 25, 2016

Pages: 304 (Hardback)

A book about Taylor.
Made with love.
By fans. For fans.

“Delightful…A rich and exhaustive production…Swifties have gotten their bible.” —The New Yorker
Ten years ago, an unknown sixteen-year-old released a self-titled debut country album. A decade later, Taylor Swift has reached record-breaking, chart-topping heights. A ten-time Grammy winner, Swift has been hailed for her songwriting talent, crossed effortlessly from country to pop, and established herself as a musician who can surprise, delight, and inspire, all while connecting with her fans in a way that only she can.
Amazingly, after all these years, there is no great, comprehensive book about Swift for her fans. Until now. This book, a fan-generated celebration of Swift’s first decade as an artist, collects the best writing and images from the past ten years in one gorgeous volume. From prefame interviews with Swift in local Pennsylvania newspapers to major profiles in The New Yorker and Rolling Stone; from album reviews by top critics such as Robert Christgau, Sasha Frere-Jones, and Ann Powers to essays by beloved novelists like Maggie Shipstead; from Tavi Gevinson’s classic ode to Swift in The Believer to Q&As with Chuck Klosterman and humorous analysis from McSweeney’s and The Hairpin; from album-themed crossword puzzles and adult coloring pages to profiles of Taylor’s biggest fans; from an excerpt of the soon-to-be-published novel Taylor Swift: Girl Detective to a “book within a book” of Swift’s most inspiring quotations titled (naturally) The Tao of Tay, this book is the vital collection of all things Taylor.
Here, finally, is the must-have book for every Swiftie and every music lover. For, as Klosterman wrote in GQ, “If you don’t take Swift seriously, you don’t take contemporary music seriously.”
*This book is a tribute to Taylor Swift, but she was not involved in its creation.*

Tyler Conroy

About the Author: Tyler Conroy has been a Swiftie since Taylor Swift’s tour bus almost ran him over in 2008. Born in Conway, Massachusetts, he began taking guitar lessons at age fifteen just so he could learn every song on Fearless. Since then, he has ugly cried at nineteen Swift shows, met her three times, put on an entire Taylor Swift musical, been invited to her NYC loft, and gotten the word fearless in her handwriting tattooed on his left foot. “I am so proud to be the honorary author of this book,” he says. “Taylor made being different cool and, for all of us who see ourselves as different, she’s given us a reason to stay fearless.”

My Review:

Taylor Swift has millions of fans all around the world. She writes about what she knows, not about what she imagines. She knows how the defend herself and her friends. She knows how to fight back with the haters. Taylor Swift has been admired and inspired so many people. That’s how this book was created. Created by fans for fans, follow the life of Taylor Swift from the time she was in middle school to 2016, through newspaper articles and real life accounts of fans. Learn about why some fans love her so much and why people think that Taylor Swift dominates the world. 

The writing of the book was okay. I felt like I was sometimes reading the same thing over and over again. I understand that the book has taken articles about Taylor Swift from several years ago and all but it was like the same story over and over again. I got a little bored while I was reading it. I think that it was one of the reasons that it took me so long to read it. I started reading and maybe like 30 pages later, I would get bored. It was really strong at the beginning but by the time I got to the middle, I was a little bored.

One very important thing about biographies/tribute books is the layout of it. This book was laid out in a really good sense. One thing I had some problems with it when I would be reading an article, wanting to finish the sentence but there was a page of pictures instead. The pictures included in the book were amazingly picked out and they made sense with the article that was with it. I loved that they had the fans have a part of the book with reasons they loved Taylor Swift and things about their ‘relationship’ with Taylor.

Since Taylor Swift hasn’t been in the world for a while now (other than her post on Instagram the other day), this book brought Taylor back into my heart. I mean, she has always been but now, it’s a little stronger. I was a big Swiftie about three years ago or so but for some reason, I have been losing interest for some reason. I don’t know what really caused it but I had. After reading this book, I felt like I was sitting next to Taylor and just having a normal conversation. I just realized that I say that for about every memoir/biography I read but it is true!

Like the review from The New Yorker, this book is literally a bible for Taylor Swift. This book takes you through the book and it teaches everyone, even the ones that think they know everything about her, something. It’s crazy to think that but it is true. The book is one big book of information overload and it fills your mind with thoughts of yourself and the world. 

Overall, I would have to give this book a 4 out of 5 stars. The book was written and laid out great with some interesting facts within it. I did feel bored during parts and felt like I was reading the same thing over and over again but that was okay. Any Taylor Swift fan will enjoy reading this book and adding it to their collection.

Have you read this book? Who is your favorite singer? Do you prefer biographies or memoirs better? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Happy Reading,

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