How I Can Afford All The Books I Buy

I saw this post maybe about a month or go and I found it pretty interesting. I wish I could remember where I saw it but I just can’t anymore – I tried to find it but I just couldn’t. I was at Books-A-Million today and I was reminded about that post and I was inspired to write this post. I buy so many post and I thought that I would share with you all how I buy them all. Hopefully this doesn’t turn into a terrible post!

1. Membership Cards:

I am signed up for a Books-A-Million membership card which means that I get 10% off of all my purchases. I have to pay $20 or $25 a year but it is worth it. The discounts come with a really big extras with coupons and special discounts, the other day I got 60% off a Nicholas Sparks novel that is like $28 or something. Even though I typically get 10% off my books, it is typically a few dollars cheaper.

2. Sales:

During the holidays, most stores put almost everything on sale and that includes their books. I get my books mostly on sale. Sometimes the book is only a few dollars less but it is still better than paying for it full price. I also always check the sales rack/discounted books because you can find a lot of good books over there for almost 90% off. They might have a few scratches or be an older cover but it is the same book. The scratches would eventually happen even if I bought it full price.

3. Book Outlet and ThriftBooks:

I love these two websites. I found out about Book Outlet from bookTUBE and I really liked the idea of the whole website. You can go and find discounted books, right there on your computer. There are amazing books, some ranging from newer books that were released in 2016 to classics. They don’t just do kid and teen books, but they have cookbooks and adult books. All of their books come in perfect condition, well depending on what version you buy. Depending on where the books come from, determines how long it will take the books will get to you. Typically, I get my books in four or five days, which is typically faster than any other packages that come to our house.

My mom was the one that introduced to me Thriftbooks about three months ago. I was wanting to order this thirteen book series and I wasn’t going to pay full price for them. My mom was telling me about this place and I thought that I would look into it. When you find a book that you want to buy, you are brought up to the options of buying it new, like new, good, acceptable, etc. Depending on which one you pick determines the price. Their shipping is about the same as Book Outlet and you can earn these points to give you a coupon code. I’ve only had one issue with ordering from this website but other than that, I would totally buy from them again.

4. Book Sales:

My library host an annual book sale once a year and these books are amazingly priced! Some of them are going to be new books (last year I bought the Red Queen for only $2) and some are going to be old. You never know what you are going to find in there and you find so many that you want to read. I sort of loose it in there. I think the last time that I went my mom and I spent up to four hours there and bought a total of 40 books for only around $60. Just make sure you check out the book before you buy it!

5. Saving Money:

I typically know which books I want to buy months in advance. It is rare that I don’t know which book I want to buy. I typically like to have saved $50 or so because you never know what you can expect in your life. If I know that there are a few books that I want to buy in a month, I try not to buy anything else for a while. After I go and buy the books I want to buy, I save some money for a while and I wait for the next book I want to buy.

6. Making Deals with My Parents:

This one is a little strange and it is a little cocky in a sense but I seriously do this. This is actually how I get most of my books I own. I am always trying to get a book out of my parents and it typically works. They buy 50% of the books I own. We have this thing in our house that if you get all A’s on your Report Card you get something good, if you make it into something memorable/special at school you can get something, or even if you do something big around the house that no one thought about doing. Recently, my dad broke a beat that we had have running for a year and a half and since I won, I wanted to get a book out of him. So I got my book.  I know that in five years I probably won’t be able to do this anymore since I’ll be in college but I am going to hang onto this one for a while. I’m also a really good kid in school so I always have an excuse for them to buy me a book.

7. Paperback Books over Hardback Books:

I love me a good hardback book but those books can get expensive! Depending on the book decides if I will buy it in paperback or hardback. If it is a book I have been dying to get my hands on or it is a signed copy, then I will go ahead and buy it. Paperbacks are just so much cheaper. Yes, they don’t last as long but I can go and buy more of them at a time.

Of course there are other ways that I am able to afford all these books that I buy but these are the top 7! What are some of your ways you can afford the books that you buy? Do you prefer paperback or hardbacks? What was the last book you purchased? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Happy Reading,

5 thoughts on “How I Can Afford All The Books I Buy

    1. Dad’s are the greatest aren’t they – sometimes I don’t even need an excuse with him. I say I want something and he typically does just buys it.


    1. I totally forgot about thrift stores and Goodwill! I have found some really good books the few times I go there.
      You should totally try out! They are awesome and I love them way too much. I actually need to make an order with them in the next few weeks because I have money saved up.


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