The Winter Wonderland Tag!

Good day everyone!

The first day of December will be here before we all realize it, since it is in like 2 days or something.  Since Christmas is coming, I thought that I would take it light today and do a tag! I originally saw this tag done by Pierina @ Pierina Reads and I just knew I had to do it. The tag was created by Lia @ Imaginary Places on Paper and Renuka @ Past Bedtime Blog. Make sure you check out all of their blogs because they are amazing! Grab your hot chocolate and let’s get on with the tag!

Do You Like The Cold?

Yes and No. I love the fact that you have an excuse to lay in bed, drink hot chocolate and read a book but anytime it snows, I get sick. I don’t know how or why that happens. It just does. I also love the fact that you don’t get looked at weird when you have a blanket over you because I love blankets. I literally love the. I might own close to 10 of them.

Favorite Part About Winter?

Image result for obsessive christmas disorder

Like Pierina, decorating my room and the house. My sisters actually had me decorate their room back on November 5, which is still a little early for me. I love putting up this little tree in my room and wrapping my windows with lights. Since I have a small case of OCD (both Obsessive Christmas Disorder and actual OCD), I have to decorate our actual tree in the family room and the rest of the house. No one in my house is allowed to decorate the tree but me. They just don’t do it right.

Does It Snow Where You Live?

Image result for nc snow

Does it snow in North Carolina? Um, we get ice where I live in North Carolina. We get snow about every 5 years but mostly, we get ice. It is never cold enough to get snow where I live. And when the weather calls for about a 5% chance of snow, I get a whole week off of school. Yep, I’m not kidding. It happens every year.

Favorite Clothing Item In Winter?

I love my winter coat. I got a new one last year because my other one was getting old and wasn’t fitting me right. My winter coat is black and it is so comfortable. The coat buttons up in the middle and it doesn’t have a baggy hood hanging on in the bag. The coat fits with almost everything I wear, even dresses.

Your Favorite Winter Memory?

About two Christmas’ ago, my sister really wanted Miranda Sings/C0lleen Ballinger tickets. She put that on the top of her list and made sure everyone knew that she wanted them. When we finished opening up all the gifts and she found that no one had gotten her them, she got inside of this box and cried. The box was fairly large so she was able to get most of herself into the box. Can I point out that she was about 12 when this happened?

Favorite Hot Drink?

Image result for swiss miss dark chocolate

This is a hard one for me to answer. I love me a Starbucks Peppermint Mocha but I also love Swiss Miss’ Dark Chocolate Hot Chocolate. I typically drink more hot chocolate than mochas so I think I would say hot chocolate. I drink hot chocolate year round anyway.

Best Winter Book To Read Curled Up In A Blanket?

Image result for let it snow john green

Let It Snow by: John Green, Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle. The book had such a great story line and I really did feel the cold coming from the book. For once in my life, I wished it would have snowed when I was reading this book.

Best Winter Movie To Watch?

Image result for home alone movies

My sisters have been watching Christmas movies since October 31. No joke. So honestly, I am tired of Christmas movies by the time Thanksgiving came. But whenever any of the Home Alone movies are on, I have to watch them. I love them so much and they remind me so much of my childhood.

Do You Do Any Winter Sports?

Are you new to my blog? Does it sound like I do any sports? I can barely walk down stairs without hurting myself. I really don’t like even watching winter sports, well any sport. I get really confused who is doing what and I have no clue what is going on in the game. I stick to parades. I know, call me a band nerd…

Favorite Christmas/Holiday/New Year Tradition?

Every Christmas Eve, we go over to my Grandmother’s house and we typically spend the whole day over there. My aunt, grandmother, my one sister, mom, and I make these sandwiched with deviled ham and cream cheese. Apparently these sandwiches have been in our family and has been a Christmas tradition for about the past 50 years.

I Tag:

I tag anyone who really wants to do this tag because I want to spread the Christmas Joy with all of you! I would love to read your answers if you do this tag!

What would your answers be for this tag? How do you feel about Christmas, the holiday? What is your favorite thing about the holiday (minus the receiving of gifts)? I actually quite love giving gifts out to people. I love the shopping, the wrapping and the look on the person’s face when they get the gift. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Happy Reading,

2 thoughts on “The Winter Wonderland Tag!

    1. According to some weather apps, it’s supposed to snow on Monday and I really don’t know how I feel about it. Part of me wants it to snow so I don’t have to go to school on Monday or Tuesday but the other half wants to go because I don’t want to make up the days.


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