Getting My First Flat Tire

Welcome to Story Time! I have so many experiences in my life and some of them are pretty interesting, if I say so myself. The other day I happened to be driving and I made one of the tires go flat. To add on top of that, I actually managed to take a chunk out of the tire. Whoops…

As I have mentioned before, I got my permit at the end of October. Yes, it took me two times to get it (which my parents don’t blame me for failing the first), but I got it. Before I get my actual license, I have to do two things: Have 60 hours of driving time and wait 1 year. My mom has taken me out driving three times already and if I don’t say so myself, I am not that bad. There are some things that I am better at doing, like parking, and then things I am bad at, including pulling up at a gas station.

I drove my mom to the store because we decided to go ahead a begin Christmas shopping for my sisters. I was doing pretty good and I didn’t hit any cars, which is a very good thing. I was driving my mom and I some other store. To get to the store, you have to have a certain id and apparently the place was closed. My mom told me to do a three-point turn and go to the gas station because we needed gas.

This is very important for you to know: I already told my mom I was not comfortable driving in the gas station. I was worried about hitting something or destroying the car. I told her even before we left the house that she was going to be driving us there. Maybe you can guess it by now but I drove us to the gas station.

You should also know: I almost ht a car in the same location when I was learning how to drive with the driving instructor. I was turning on a two lane street and I made a sharp right turn. Luckily the car next to me was paying attention or I would have been in an accident. I’m now really terrified to drive there.

I turned into the gas station and my mom was telling me where I needed to go because I have never drove there. When I was learning with the instructor, the other person in the car drove there and there was only one pump. You couldn’t do anything wrong. I pull into the gas station perfectly and I approach the pump. I’m not going to lie to you. I was going a little to fast and I saw it. I saw what was going to happen in less than 5 seconds. I reach the pump and I hit the island next to the pump. I got real close to the pump. I pull up to the end of the pump and my mom can tell that we had a flat tire.

I wasn’t worried about having a flat tire. With my mom’s car, you take this machine and it pumps air into it somehow. She gets the pump and she attempts to pump air into it. All of a sudden I hear this goosing noise come from the wheel and there is my mom with foam on her fingers since her tire is made of foam. She attempts to pump it again and she goes and says that I put a hole in the tire. She can see the inside of the tire.

This is the part of the story where I went from happy to I’m so sorry. My attitude went downhill very fast. I was praying that I didn’t hit anything else on the car and that my parents didn’t need to get a new car. I called my Grandmother who was thankfully in town to come and get us. My mom went to the tire shop right across the street while I waited for my grandmother to get us. The car place wasn’t going to help us and my dad was 45 minutes away.

We sat there for about 15 minutes before my grandmother came to get us. I’m still pretty mad at myself for doing this to the car and I needed to know that there was someone else that did something stupid like me. I learned that I wasn’t the only one who did something like that. My dad hit a car when he was backing out of my mom’s parent’s house. My dad also hit our mailbox and cracked the side mirror. My grandmother hit a building. My mom hit the truck in our driveway when she was backing up.

I was pretty upset the whole entire day because there was no store in the whole county that had her car’s tire. (My mom’s car doesn’t come with a spare tire. I don’t know why.) The car wasn’t getting fixed til the next day. My dad came home and had to tell me that this wouldn’t be my only flat tire. I shouldn’t be upset and blaming it on myself for the flat tire because it was caused a long time ago from something on the road. Also, I should be happy it occurred in the gas station and not on the side of the road.

By now, you are wondering where the second fact comes into play. The gas station is right next to the place I almost hit a car. I knew I shouldn’t have drove into the gas station. I knew it. I should have made my mom drive to the gas station. I knew it.

I felt bad for causing my mom’s car having a flat tire. I didn’t know what to say or do because I had no idea what was going on with the car. I just wanted my mom’s car to be fixed and to stop feeling guilty.

In reality, it was a learning experience for all of us. Me: I need to learn how to drive at a gas station. My Parents: My mom’s car needs a spare tire since it doesn’t have one.

Do you remember your first flat tire? Have you ever done something to your car or someone else car? Do you enjoy driving at all? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Happy Reading,

3 thoughts on “Getting My First Flat Tire

  1. Wha kind of car does she have? I used to work for BMW Roadside Assistance, and those foam tires can be a bitch!
    Remember: accidents happen. My first day of having my license I got into a car accident. Or maybe it was the second day?
    I’ve had maybe six all my life now, many were other people’s fault. I’m glad you got though it! Now you’ve been initiated into the screwed up car problems club! (Your membership card is in the mail…lol). At least you don’t have to change the tire yourself, right? 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I didn’t end up changing the tire. My mom and dad went to get the tire ordered the next day and by the time they got home with the car, I was still in bed!
      My mom drives a 2012 Buick Lacrosse. It’s a great car and all but those stupid things like the tires with foam and no spare tire makes no sense to me.
      I guess it could have been worse – my dad was backing out of a driving and hit a car right in the side about 5 years ago. My grandmother hit a building. I guess I was pretty lucky.


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