The Reader’s Playlist Tag – Part B


A few days ago, I did The Reader’s Playlist Tag – Part A, which was created by Hannah @Hannah Grace. The tag was so much fun while I was talking about books, imagine how much fun it is for music! If you haven’t checked out Hannah’s blog, you need to!

The Rules:
  • Answer as many or as few questions that you like. I suggest if you want to attempt them all that you turn it into a few daily/weekly posts, probably organized as I have. Make sure you have fun with it!
  • Thank the person who nominated you and leave a link to their post.
  • Leave a link to my post so that others can see all of the questions!
  • Tag the post with the tagline ‘The Reader’s Playlist Tag’ so that I can see all of your lovely posts!
  • Use the logo as above in your post if you want! However, I ask that you don’t modify it, please!
  • Tag a few friends to take part in the tag at the bottom of your post!
  • Feel free to leave a link in my comments to your own responses. I look forward to reading them!

Part B: Music
Library = Favorite place to buy/listen to music

I have two answers for this one. I love to listen to music on YouTube. They have such a wide variation of songs to listen to. But, my favorite place to buy it is iTunes. I trust them more than anywhere else. Plus, I have all Apple products.

Bookmark = A song you keep losing (or forgetting about) then rediscovering


Like My Mother Does by: Lauren Alaina. This song is so beautiful and is a song I really like but I just forget about all the time.

Currently Reading Listening = What song(s) have you been enjoying listening to recently?

So many! I listen to a lot of music but I have really loved:

  • Chandelier by: Sia
  • Streets of Gold by: MAX
  • My House by: Flo Rida
  • This Is What You Came For by: Calvin Harris and Rihanna
  • Secret Love Song by: Little Mix and  Jason Derulo
  • Shake It Off by: Taylor Swift
  • Forever and Always (Piano Version) by: Taylor Swift
Review = Tell me about a song and what you liked, disliked, rating etc.

Image result for let me love you justin bieber

Song: Let Me Love You by: DJ Snake and Justin Bieber

The song is very different from what I really listen to. I am not a Bieber fan (sorry) but this one I really like. Something about the lyrics and the way he sounds in this song, I really enjoyed. Let Me Love You Talks about these two people who one of them is looking in a different direction in the relationship. The guy is telling the other person that no matter what happens, he will always be there and will always want to be with them. No matter what the other person does, they will support them and still want them.

Favorite Lyrics:

Don’t fall asleep
At the wheel, we’ve got a million miles ahead of us
Miles ahead of us

Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars

Typical Plot Line = A song that sounds like another song

Sam Smith’s Stay With Me and Tom Petty’s I Won’t Back Down. Listen to them back to back. You will be amazed.

Memoir = A song that relates to a personal experience (yours or that of the artist)

Image result for bad blood taylor swift

Bad Blood by: Taylor Swift, the 1989 album version. I had some problems with a friend of mine and this song expressed how I felt and that maybe someone else knew how I was feeling. I listen to this song whenever I feel like I need to get something out of me when I am with/around them and they get on my nerves.

Reading Slump = Music that you want to turn off because it puts you in a bad mood

Unlike most of the world, I HATE ADELE. I hate her. I have never liked her songs, or her as a person. Her songs are just awful and death calling to me. Anytime I hear her songs, I have to change it because I will get really mad and want to hurt someone. I have never really never liked her. Sorry Hannah and all the other Adele fans.

Bestseller = Music that sold millions of copies

Image result for 1989

1989 by Taylor Swift. One of my all time favorite albums in the world. This album deserves all that it has won. Everyone likes at least something about the album. Trust me on that.

Disorganized Shelves = Put your music collection on shuffle and see what comes up

Image result for long way down tom odell

Long Way Down by: Tom Odell

Contemporary = Music that makes you want to dance

Image result for Selena Kill Em with Kindness

Kill Em With Kindness by: Selena Gomez…. I may or may not have done that recently….

Retold = Favorite cover of a song

Image result for madilyn bailey and joshua evan

Madilyn Bailey and Joshua Evans 7 Years. I also really don’t like this song but I really LOVE this cover. It is beautiful.

What is your favorite style of music? What would your answers be? Who is one artist that everyone likes but you don’t like? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Happy Reading,


6 thoughts on “The Reader’s Playlist Tag – Part B

  1. I loved your response, and it’s okay if you hate Adele – we all have our own opinions, so I don’t mind 🙂 There were some really good songs on this list, and I can’t wait to look up some of those that I haven’t heard yet!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He really doesn’t have that stardom that I really like in a singer. He’s one of those people that people will only like for their looks, minus the fact I don’t think that he is that attractive.

      Liked by 1 person

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