Neighbors: Movie Review

I am a huge movie watcher, as you can tell by now. I will watch about any movie you hand me. So when my sister got Neighbors for her birthday, I had to watch it because it was a movie. You’ll hear this a few more times in this post but this movie is for mature adults only!

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Title: Neighbors

Director: Nicholas Stoller

Released: May 9, 2014

Run Time: 97 Minutes

Distributed By: Universal Pictures

New parents Mac and Kelly move to the suburbs when they welcome an infant daughter into their lives. All goes well with the couple, until the Delta Psi Beta fraternity moves in next door. Mac and Kelly don’t want to seem uncool, and they try their best to get along with frat president Teddy and the rest of the guys. However, when the couple finally call the cops during a particularly raucous frat party, a full-scale war erupts.



Image result for neighbors cast

  • Seth Rogen as Mac Radner
  • Zac Efron as Teddy Sanders
  • Rose Byrne as Kelly Radner
  • Christopher Mintz-Plasse as Scoonie Schofield
  • Dave Franco as Pete Regazolli
  • Ike Barinholtz as Jimmy Blevins
  • Carla Gallo as Paula Faldt
  • Craig Roberts as Gary
  • Jerrod Carmichael as Garf
  • Lisa Kudrow as Dean Carol Gladstone
  • Hannibal Buress as Officer Watkins
  • Halston Sage as Brooke Shy
  • Ali Cobrin as Whitney
  • Jason Mantzoukas as Dr. Theodorakis
  • Elise and Zoey Vargas as Stella Radner
  • Brian Huskey as Bill Wazowkowski
  • Randall Park as Rep
  • Liz Cackowski as Wendy the Realtor

Cameos: Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer, Jorma Taccone, Adam DeVine, Blake Anderson, Anders Holm, Kyle Newacheck, Keith Cashin and Jake Johnson

Background Information:

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Mac and Kelly are newbies at the game of parenthood. Kelly and Mac would do anything for their daughter, Stella, even sacrificing their free time. When the house next door sells to a fraternity, they knew their life was going to be turned upside down.

The day that the fraternity moves in, Mac and Kelly comes over and talks to Teddy, the president, and Pete, the vice president, to warn them about Stella. Teddy tells them that if they ever have a party that is too loud or something, they should let them know.

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The first party goes on, and like any college party, it gets loud and crazy. Mac and Kelly decide to go over and let them know they are too loud, but they end up having the time of their life. Mac gets super drunk and becomes best friends with Teddy, even mixing their urine together in the fountain outside. Kelly was making friends with everyone that saw a picture of Stella. The two did some stuff at the party that they probably shouldn’t have done.

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During the next party, Mac and Kelly still lay awake because of the noise, worrying if their daughter is going to be woken up. Mac starts trying to call Teddy and after the 10th time, they gave up. Mac and Kelly made a promise with Teddy that they wouldn’t call the cops if the party gets too loud. Since Mac couldn’t reach Teddy, Kelly and him decide to call the police. The cops come and the next thing they know was the cops and Teddy was at their door. Mac tried to play it off like they had never met each other but Teddy shows video of Mac from the last party.

Teddy’s fraternity gets their first warning out of three after the cops came. Kelly and Mac go down to the Deans’ office to discuss the whole thing but that was no help. It did help Kelly and Mac come up with an idea about getting them to leave the house.

Firstly, Mac comes up with the idea to break the water pipe and flood the basement. Well, that didn’t do any damage. It made their problems even worse. Teddy and the fraternity comes up to create sex toys to pay for the cost. The fraternity raised enough money to get outdoor speaker, fix the basement and get a pool.

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The fraternity wasn’t making life easy for Mac and Kelly. They were mad at them for calling the cops and they wanted revenge. They called for war. And Mac and Kelly accepted. The fraternity threw huge balls at them, trimmed bushes into personal parts on bodies, and trashed their yard. They left an unused condom in their yard and Stella started to chew it. Mac and Kelly rushed to the hospital because they worried about HIV or something else. Luckily, it was clean and they didn’t need to worry about anything.

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Kelly got the idea to get Teddy and Pete need to get mad at each other while watching a commercial for Bros before Hoes. At the next party the fraternity throws, Mac and Kelly goes, bringing some of their friends along for back up. At the right moment, Mac goes over to Teddy and Kelly takes Teddy’s girlfriend, Brooke. Mac and Teddy has a epic dance battle, while Kelly gets Pete and Brooke drunk. Kelly begins to talk them into seeing each other and she makes out with both Brooke and Pete. Of course, Mac has to watch the whole thing and he gets really confused. Brooke and Pete starts to make their way up the stairs and it’s Mac’s job to get Teddy to see them. Mac gets him to see them and Teddy was furious. Teddy and Pete gets into a big fight and Pete ends up peeing on Teddy. Mac yells out that Teddy should hit things off the porch. Teddy does and he hits this huge container. This container goes and hits a professor of their college in the head.

Because Teddy hit the professor, the fraternity gets their second strike and gets placed on probation. A job fair is in place at the college and Teddy knows he could find Pete there. The two of them make up and Teddy runs into a booth for AT&T. Teddy has no clue what they are at first until the man says, “cell phones.” Teddy reveals to the guy that he only has a high 1 or low 2 GPA. The man reveals that he wants people that have a little higher GPA than him. That gets Teddy thinking.

Mac and Kelly were so close to getting the fraternity out of the house. They call Gary to meet them and talks him into recording them hazing him. They had him wear the glasses and they got ready to get them gone. Mac, Kelly, and Jimmy watched Gary as the night begins. At first, they got everything they wanted. Until, Teddy and Gary goes into another room and Teddy reveals that Gary is the glue to the ‘family.’ Teddy tells Gary to go take a bath and gives him a big hug. Gary tells everything to Teddy and Teddy threatens the three.

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That morning, Kelly finds all the air bags were removed from their car. She calls Mac and while she does, Mac find one of the air bags, in his chair at work. Jimmy as well has one in his chair. Mac comes home early from work and gets into a huge fight with Kelly. Kelly leaves the house with Stella and Mac tries to find the other air bags, in the couch and on a chair.

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Mac realizes that he couldn’t do without Kelly so he goes after her. Of course when he pulls up, Kelly comes over to him and they were apologizing to each other. The two returns home and comes up with a plan with Jimmy. They create a fake letter that told Teddy that the fraternity was off probation. Teddy and them begin planning a party, like Mac, Kelly, and Jimmy planned. They created flyers and invited everyone to this party. They put a lot of thought into this party until their plan began to fail.

Teddy finds out about the flyers that were created to invite people. Teddy finds the paper that Mac and them and realizes that the letter was fake. The cops were already called and the whole fraternity cleared the whole building before the cops come. As soon as Mac, Kelly, and Jimmy realizes what is happen so they try to get the party started again.

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They break into the house and try to get up to the room with all the electronics. Teddy was in the room when they get there and they had to wait for him to leave. Jimmy takes it into his hands and he falls off the stairs. It gets Teddy out of the room and Mac and Kelly needed to figure out the passcode of the room. Of course it was 420 – 4/20 is National Weed Day. Kelly goes up there and tries to get the power started. Mac and Teddy gets into a big fight and they break down the door for the room Kelly is in. Kelly gets the idea to use the fireworks and starts to let the fireworks go. The power turns back on and the party is formed. One of the fireworks hits the cop car and the cop comes back to the house. Teddy tells Pete that he and the others should go and leave. Teddy takes the responsibility of everything that has happened at the party. The cop hits him and Teddy gets into the car, in pain.

Four months later, Mac runs into Teddy at the mall. Teddy reveals to Mac that he is back at college, at night and studying a lot harder. Since Teddy was working as a model in front of Abercrombie, Mac decides to take off his shirt and he becomes a ‘model.’  Mac returns home and they begin working on a Stella calendar.

My Rating:

Quite honestly, the way I heard my sister talking about this movie, I thought it would be pretty good. I think I would give this movie a 3.4 out of 5 stars. The movie had an amazing idea behind it but the movie was way to sexual. The movie had a lot of talk about sex, and included several scenes including sex items. The movie should definitely not be watched by kids, unless you are very mature and you can handle stuff like this. The movie did include several funny scenes including:

  • The airbag situation
  • The fight scene between Teddy and Mac
  • When Mac and Kelly plan to go out but by the time the event is over, they wake up

The movie was overall good. I really don’t see this as a rewatch movie for me but I see myself checking out the next movie.

The Sequel:

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Title: Neighbors 2 – Sorority Rising

Director: Nicholas Stoller

Released: May 20, 2016

Run Time: 92 Minutes

Distributed By: Universal Pictures

Life is good for Mac Radner and pregnant wife Kelly until the unruly sisters of Kappa Nu move in next door. As the loud parties threaten the sale of their home, the couple turn to ex-neighbor and one-time enemy Teddy Sanders for help. Now united with the former college student, the trio devises schemes to get the wild sorority off the block. Unfortunately, the rebellious young women refuse to go down without a fight.

Have you seen this movie or have wanted to see this movie? Who is your favorite actor/actress? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Happy Reading,


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