Zombie Apocalypse Book Tag

I was tagged by the amazing Maggie @Massachusetts Novel to do this tag and it sounds like a lot of fun! Maggie’s blog is amazing and if you haven’t check it out before, you need to! You won’t regret it!

Since Halloween is coming up soon, it seems like a perfect time to do a tag like this! So, before the zombies come after me, let’s get on with the tag.

The Rules:
  • Choose 5 books!
  • Randomly set up your books in order.
  • Flip to a random page in the book and write the first two names you see.
  • Put the names in the categories listed below in the order you saw them!
  • Have fun imagining your apocalypse team get ripped to shreds one by one

Books Used:
  • Princess Nehemia
  • Chaol
  • Quinn
  • Eric
  • Alan
  • Sam
  • Treena
  • Will
  • Jaime
  • Lord Bolton

Let the Zombies Attack!

The First Person To Die: Princess Nehemiah

Princess Nehemiah was a Princess. Princesses really don’t do that much. Nehemiah wouldn’t have the right skills to defend herself from zombies that were coming after her. Her bodyguards would try to protect her but they would just get eaten.

The Person You Trip To Escape The Zombies: Eric

Image result for eric northman

Eric’s a 1000 year old vampire so he knows what he is going. Eric will do anything for the people that he loves. I would get inside of his brain and tell him that I love him. He would try to get me out of there safe and he would let nothing hurt me in any sort of way.

The Person That Trips You to Get Away From the Zombies: Will

Image result for will from me before you

Will lives in his wheelchair. He wouldn’t be able to run, protect you, etc. He would use you as a human shield and get out of the battle as soon as he could. Will wouldn’t want to risk his life in the battle, he would watch it on the sideline.

The Team Idiot: Sam

Sam believed that he was in charge/the leader the whole entire book. As someone else, in this case Quinn, would get up to be leader, he would try to protest the whole thing and kill everyone that didn’t agree with what he said.

The Brains of the Group: Jaime

Image result for jaime lannister

Jaime practically fights for a living. He would know the best way to hide, get around every zombie and everything you need to know about war. Even though Jaime is a little messed up in the brain for being in love with his sister, he would let you know everything you need to know about winning this apocalypse.

The Team Medic: Treena

Image result for treena from me before you

Treena is so sweet and caring that she would do anything for anyone. She will talk to people when she needs help with anything and she wants the best for herself and others. Treena would be devastated if something happened to someone so she would try her hardest to get them better.

The Weapons Expert: Chaol

Chaol is the Captain/Leader of the guard and prince so he knows how to use a weapon. He always have a weapon with him to protect the people in the castle. With his knowledge of weapons, you would be pretty safe, unless he is somewhere else. Maybe you’ll die then.

The Team’s Brawler: Lord Bolton

Image result for lord bolton

As a Lord, Lord Bolton loves to get into some drama. Lord Bolton would be the best person to get to walk around and get people mad at each other for a lie. He would get some of the other lands mad and get to war with each other, and he would sit there and watch them destroy each other while he sits there and laughs.

The First Person To Turn into a Zombie: Alan

Alan made it pretty far into the apocalypse in the book but he was later killed. Alan really had done some stupid things to get himself killed in the book. He would make fun of one of the zombies or do something stupid in front of them which the zombies would take as him wanting to be killed.

The Team Leader: Quinn

Quinn is a werewolf so he would be able to think on his feet pretty fast. He would know their weaknesses and their strong points. Quinn would easily find their ‘pack master’ and destroy them. After he destroys him, he would send in the rest of the team and they would defeat the zombies. I really just thought that way too hard.

I tag anyone who really wants to do this tag because it was a lot of fun putting the team together.

What would your team be like? Do you believe that my team will be able to survive the zombie apocalypse? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Happy Reading,


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