Hurricane Matthew: The Aftermath

As most of you know, Hurricane Matthew has been destroying North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Haiti, etc. Lucky me, I get to live in an area that got hit hard. The thing that surprises me the most: we got more rain and flooding than the coast and we live pretty in land.

All of the pictures you see are my photos, which I took inside of a car so I am so sorry for the terrible quality. All of the people who have been impacted by this hurricane, you are in my prayers and I hope the best for you.

What is Hurricane Matthew?

Matthew 2016-10-01 0225Z.png

Hurricane Matthew is currently a powerful tropical cyclone over the Caribbean Sea. It is the first major hurricane to form in that region since Hurricane Sandy in 2012 and the first Category 4 Atlantic hurricane occurring in September since Hurricane Katia in 2011. It is also the first Category 4 hurricane in the Caribbean since Hurricane Paloma of 2008. The fourteenth tropical cyclone, thirteenth storm, fifth hurricane and second major hurricane of the annual hurricane season, Matthew formed from a vigorous tropical wave that moved off the African coast on September 22, trekking on a westward track until developing into a tropical storm while it was situated just to the east of the Leeward Islands on September 28. A day later, it became a hurricane while west of the Leeward Islands and explosively intensified into a Category 4 hurricane. It is currently expected to turn northward eventually and impact parts of Haiti, Jamaica, and eastern Cuba in the near future.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

We had gotten out of school on Friday for the chance of some heavy rain and flooding in the town I live in. We didn’t want to risk the chance of being stuck at school for a while.

When I woke up on Saturday, it was raining outside but it wasn’t that. I was texting one of my friends and we were talking about the possibilities of no school on Monday. My dad had the idea of going more inland for the day because we wanted to go out and eat. We were previously talking about this place called Carolina Ale House and we wanted to try it. We went and it was delicious.

Image result for carolina ale house

The rain seemed to pick up the further we drove but we really wanted to try this place. This place was amazing. Our favorite place to get wings used to be Buffalo Wild Wings but since Carolina Ale House is so good and right across the street, we have our new favorite wing place.

While we were eating, the power seemed to flicker on and off like anything normal. The roof was leaking so I expected something to happen. Well, the power went out for about 5 minutes and let me tell you – NEVER MESS UP A FOOTBALL GAME! A football game was going on and everyone got really loud when the power turned off. One guy screamed, “All drinks on the house,” but in reality, it was 1 pm and I have no clue if it really happened.

The rain picked up and we left the restaurant. We made our way back home and the flooding began. Of course, I had to take pictures because I take pictures of everything. There was parts of towns that were halfway up the house and the rain was only beginning. Rain came pouring down (see what I did there) and we got home. For the most part, our neighborhood didn’t loose electric or water. I went to bed with knowing that we might have some flooding around our house but I was amazed when I woke up.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

When I woke up on Sunday, we really didn’t have the affects of a Hurricane like everyone else. We still had water and electric, barley any water damage, and there really wasn’t any water around our house. Other people though, they weren’t as lucky. Most of the county was under water, with no power and water.

Since we really couldn’t go anywhere, we stayed at home on Sunday. We had my grandmother over because she didn’t have electric or water. We kept looking at pictures from the hurricane and checking the news for any information. The school district called school off for Monday but I already had the feeling that school was going to be canceled.

When my parents took my grandmother home, they went around to see everything that has happened. My mom called me while they were gone saying that they had canceled school for both Monday and Tuesday. My parents told me that there was a million trees down, power lines were down and roads were a ticking sink bomb. Roads were collapsing and destroying cars. We were waiting to be told that we didn’t have to go to school the next day.

Before I went to bed, I wanted to see the pictures of some of the flooding around. These pictures were crazy. House were flooded, tripping people inside of their house, trucks/car getting destroyed with the roads breaking off, and people not having power and water. The river about 15 minutes away from us was being to crest and we started round 2 of Hurricane Matthew, Flooding.

Monday, October 10, 2016

I woke up to being told about school being cancelled all week. I knew it was going to happen but it was a waiting game to see when they would cancel it. Like the previous days, nothing really affected us like others. Part of the reason we never lost power was the fact that our power lines are underground. My dad couldn’t get to work so we wanted to go to Pizza Hut since the other side of town was fine. We got my grandmother and we headed out.

Image result for wendy's grilled chicken sandwich

About every place we went to was closed or drive thru only because no one could get to work because of the closing of the bridge and flooding. We tried about 5 different places before we hit Wendy’s but we stood in line for about 20 minutes. About everyone in the restaurant was talking about how they didn’t have water and they hadn’t showered in about 3 days. I wanted to try something different so I got the grilled chicken sandwich and it was pretty good. The bun was the best part of the whole thing!

We needed to go to Walmart to get a few things but after seeing the line for the check out, we sort of decided that the stuff we needed wasn’t important. The line went to the back of the store and the bread row, god. I wanted to see how much bread was left and let me tell you. The only thing left in that row was the Little Debbie cakes and stuff like that.

Later that night, my mom, dad and I went out to see some of the flooding caused by the river. The one part of town that we wanted to go and see was completely blocked off, trees were down everywhere and holes were everywhere in the road. We drove closer to the river and the flooding was already bad. The normal levels of the river is about 24.8 and if it goes up any, it floods. The levels were about 25.9 and the flooding was crazy. Houses were getting destroyed, people were leaving because they wanted to get away from all the flooding.

The closer we got to the river, the roads were flooded and it was only day 1 out of who knows when. As you can see in the pictures, the flooding was bad. We went as close as we could and we were not the only crazy people that was taking pictures of the flooding. We headed home and we decided we now live on an island. We couldn’t leave. Water was everywhere around us.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Day 2 of however long flooding of the river last. Since we really couldn’t go anywhere, we stayed at home and did nothing. By this day, I was tired of staying at home. I am one to miss school for anythings. I love to stay home from school but when you really can’t go anywhere without having to be told to turn around, it gets a little boring. And we had all week to do nothing, so I took it into my own hands to do some stuff, like work on some blog post and read!

My mom had suggested that we grilled some pork chops since we were planning on having them this week. Before my dad started to grill, he went back to the same road as yesterday to see how bad the flooding has gotten. We have a Food Lion a few blocks over and he said that he could see the water begin to reach the road.

Quite honestly, I feel bad for these people that are living near these rivers. I used to be really good friends with one of the people that lives over there. When I saw that their house was already underwater, I felt bad for them. I’m in a class with both her and her sister and I hoped that they were okay. It looked like they got out of their house and I really do hope the best for them, along with everyone else that lives over there.

I am consistently checking the news for any updates on the affects of this Hurricane. This river has broken the past record, 28.9 that was set by Hurricane Floyd. The river is now 28.94 and it’s still growing.

I keeping thinking that school will probably be canceled next week because of this flooding. I want everyone to be safe but at the same time, I want to go back because I have to take the PSAT on Wednesday. I guess we will have to wait and see.

Other Past Hurricanes:

Image result for hurricane floyd

Hurricane Floyd: Hurricane Floyd was a very powerful Cape Verde-type hurricane which struck the east coast of the United States. It was the sixth named storm, fourth hurricane, and third major hurricane in the 1999 Atlantic hurricane season. Floyd triggered the third largest evacuation in US history when 2.6 million coastal residents of five states were ordered from their homes as it approached. The Cape Verde-type hurricane formed off the coast of Africa and lasted from September 7 to September 19, peaking in strength as a very strong Category 4 hurricane—just 2 mph short of the highest possible rating on the Saffir–Simpson Hurricane Scale. It was among the largest Atlantic hurricanes of its strength ever recorded. Floyd was once forecast to strike Florida, but turned away. Instead, Floyd struck The Bahamas at peak strength, causing heavy damage. It then paralleled the East Coast of the United States, causing massive evacuations and costly preparations from Florida through the Mid-Atlantic states. The storm weakened significantly, however, before striking the Cape Fear region, North Carolina as a very strong Category 2 hurricane, and caused further damage as it traveled up the Mid-Atlantic region and into New England. The hurricane produced torrential rainfall in Eastern North Carolina, adding more rain to an area hit by Hurricane Dennis just weeks earlier. The rains caused widespread flooding over a period of several weeks; nearly every river basin in the eastern part of the state exceeded 500-year flood levels. In total, Floyd was responsible for 57 fatalities and $6.9 billion in damage. Due to the destruction, the World Meteorological Organization retired the name Floyd.

Image result for history of hurricane hermine

Hurricane Hermine: Hurricane Hermine was the first hurricane to make landfall in Florida since Hurricane Wilma in 2005, and the first to develop in the Gulf of Mexico since Hurricane Ingrid in 2013. The ninth tropical depression, eighth named storm, and fourth hurricane of the 2016 Atlantic hurricane season, Hermine developed from a long-tracked tropical wave that had produced torrential rainfall in parts of the Caribbean. After being designated on August 29, Hermine shifted northeastwards due to a trough over Georgia and steadily intensified into a Category 1 hurricane just before making landfall in the Florida Panhandle during September 2. Fast weakening ensued as the storm weakened and transitioned into a post-tropical cyclone before leaving the coast near the Outer Banks. The remnants of Hermine continued to bring heavy rain and rip-currents to the East Coast of the United States, before the NHC discontinued advisories on the system, while it was situated east of the Delmarva Peninsula.

Hopefully you all are safe and well prepared for future events like this. Have you gone through a Hurricane like this? What has been the worst weather conditions you have been in? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Stay Safe,


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