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Music plays such a big part into my life. I play the clarinet in my school band, the piano because I really love it, and I am learning the guitar right now. So when I saw this tag over at Jackie @fallinlovewiththesoundofwords, I knew I had to do this tag.

The Rules:
  • Link the creators Keira and Anthony so that they can see all of your answers!
  • Thank the person who tagged you.
  • Answer the questions
  • Have fun
  • Tag five or more other bloggers!

Piano – A Classic You Love:
Piano is definitely a classic instrument and one that used to be called the piano forte. For this category, pick a book that has gone down in history

Image result for jane eyre

Jane Eyre by: Charlotte Bronte was a book I read back in 8th grade and I loved it. The book had a great story line and the characters were amazing. Everyone should give this book a try once in their life.

Keyboard – A Retelling of a Famous Story:
The keyboard is a modern version of a piano, with some slight modifications. For this category, pick a book that is a retelling: of a classic, a fairy tale, a folk tale, a fanfiction… your choice!

Image result for A Court of Thorns and Roses Trilogy

A Court of Thorns and Roses by: Sarah J. Maas is one of my favorite retellings there is. The series is a retelling of the story, Beauty and the Beast which is one of the Disney movies I love a lot. These books are so amazingly written and I love them so much!

Guitar – A Popular Book You Love:
The guitar is an immensely popular instrument! What book do you share the love with everyone else with?

Image result for Harry Potter Books

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by: J.K. Rowling is a book that every single person has read. I love this book, along with every other wizard that is reading this!

Cello – A Book That Gave You Chills:
The cello is a compelling instrument with a powerful sound that can be quite creepy. Name a book that gives you the shivers

Image result for Pet Sematary Book

Almost every single Stephen King novel could answer this one but Pet Sematary gave me the chills the whole time. The fact that if you buried your dead pet in the Ancient Burial Grounds, your pet will come back and haunt you creeps me out. Also, this burial ground could actually be real and part of me wants to go there.

Voice – A Book With a Unique Writing Style:
Did you know that voice is classified as instrument? Which book plays with its words?

Image result for miss peregrines

Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children by: Ransom Riggs has such a great style of writing and a play on words. The book draws you and makes you want to never put it down.

Triangle – A Book That You Don’t Like To Mention Reading:
There is absolutely no shame in playing the triangle and it is much harder than one might imagine- I’ve tried! Name a book that people give you shame for liking

Image result for twilight books

Twilight by: Stephenie Meyer because of everything that has been said about it for the past few years. The fact that this was the series that started Fifty Shades of Gray kind of scares the public eye. I still really like this series though.

Flute – A Book That You Thought Was Going To Be One Thing and Then Wasn’t:
The flute looks like a beautiful, pretty, delicate thing, but can produce some powerful sounds (not that they aren’t pretty). Name a book that was something unexpected

Image result for the jewel

The Jewel by: Amy Ewing was supposed to be similar to The Selection. I went in thinking that and by the time I finished chapter 2, I knew it was totally different from it. Yes, there are similarities in the main characters Violet (aka Lot 197) and America but what characters don’t?!

Piccolo – A Book That Was Over-Hyped:
Piccolo’s are great except if you’re the person sitting next to it: ear plugs are needed. Pick a book that you didn’t love as much as everybody else


An Ember In The Ashes by: Sabaa Tahir is the greatest answer to this question for me. I hated this book and almost everyone loved this book. I don’t understand why people like this book like they do.

Oboe – A Book Not Many People Have Read:
The oboe. A glorious instrument that a lot of people don’t play. Name a book that you read, but most people haven’t.
Image result for the testing

The Testing by: Joelle Charbonneau is a book that I love to death but most people haven’t read. This book is similar to The 5th Wave in a sense but it is way better. The characters draw you in an the plot is amazingly written. You all should go and check out this series.

Harp – A Book That Immediately Charmed You:
The harp, another instrument steeped in tradition with a compelling sound. What book did you completely fall in love with?

Image result for throne of glass

Throne of Glass by: Sarah J. Maas was a book that I fell in love with on the very first page. I love all of Sarah’s books and this was the book that started my love of her. The book is beautifully written and the characters are amazing. I love this book way too much.

Accordion – A Book Set In Multiple Time Periods:
A timeless instrument that fits in some places… and not in others. Name a book set in multiple time periods

Image result for a thousand pieces of you

A Thousand Pieces of You by: Claudia Gray takes place in America, current time and Europe in other dimensions. The book is really different and creative, unlike any other book.

Bagpipes – A Book With a Complicated Plot:
Bagpipes, a complex instrument that can make an awful sound if played incorrectly. Name a book with a complicated, hard-to-figure-out plot

Image result for Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

Great Expectations by: Charles Dickens had a very complicated plot. Half the time I wasn’t sure what was going on because I was so confused. The book was okay at the end, but definitely not a reread book.

Violin – A Book That Started Off Shaky and Got Better As It Went Along:
Ever listened to a beginner play violin? It hurts. Name a book that started off rough and got better along the way

Image result for between shades of gray

So many of the books that I read start off that way. The one on the top of my head is Between Shades of Gray by: Ruta Sepetys. This book is so moving but the beginning was hard for me to get into. As I read more and more, the more I liked it.

I Tag:

I tag you, the reader to do this tag! It was a lot of fun since music is something that touches my soul and it’s an older tag so you might have done it before.

What instruments do you play? What instrument do you wish you could play? What is your favorite style of music? What answers do you agree with and what would you say? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Happy Reading,


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