Love Charms and Other Catastrophes Review

I recently have been working on about three books for school or other reasons and this was one of those books. With school starting, you have a lot of free time to read since you really don’t do anything for a while. I finished the book and the first thing I did was write done everything I thought while I read the book. Obviously, you guys get to see them! Like any other book review, this will contain spoilers so beware!

The First Book:

Love Fortunes and Other Disasters (Grimbaud, #1)

Title: Love Fortunes and Other Disasters

Author: Kimberly Karalius

Publisher: Swoon Reads

Released: May 12, 2015

Pages: 343 (Paperback)

In the tradition of Alice Hoffman’s Practical Magic, one girl chooses to change her fortune and her fate by falling in love.
Love is real in the town of Grimbaud, and Fallon Dupree has dreamed of attending high school there for years. After all, generations of Duprees have successfully followed the (100% accurate!) love fortunes from Zita’s famous Love Charms Shop to happily marry their high school sweethearts. It’s a tradition. So she is both stunned and devastated when her fortune states that she will NEVER find love. Fortunately, Fallon isn’t the only student with a terrible love fortune, and a rebellion is brewing. Fallon is determined to take control of her own fate—even if it means working with a notorious heartbreaker like Sebastian. Will Fallon and Sebastian be able to overthrow Zita’s tyranny and fall in love?

I loved this book! I read this book back about June 2015 because I talked about it in one of my book release post. I got the book and I read it in two sittings, only because we took a pool break. The book is amazing, and you will have to read the first book to fully understand everything that happens in this book. If you would like to check out my review for this book, feel free to click here.

The Second Book:

Love Charms and Other Catastrophes (Grimbaud, #2)

Title: Love Charms and Other Catastrophes

Author: Kimberly Karalius

Publisher: Swoon Reads

Released: May 17, 2016

Pages: 384 (Paperback)

Sometimes love comes gift-wrapped…literally.
Aspiring love-charm maker Hijiri Kitamura was excited to come back to Grimbaud for her sophomore year—until she learned about the upcoming charm-making competition. She, along with her friends and fellow rebels, had worked too hard to free the town from Zita’s tyrannical love fortunes to allow some other charm maker to move in and take over. The only solution is for Hijiri to win the contest herself.
Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done, especially when Love itself has decided to meddle in Hijiri’s life. Concerned that its favorite charm maker has given up on finding a love of her own, Love delivers a very special gift—the perfect boyfriend, specially crafted just for her.

About the Author: Kimberly KaraliusKimberly Karalius is the author of Love Fortunes and Other Disasters and its sequel Love Charms and Other Catastrophes. If you gave her a wish bone, she would wish fervently for snow in Florida. Her love for 90s cartoons (or any cartoons, really) knows no bounds. She might be the only person you know who can be completely engrossed in watching silent films. Being in Florida certainly has one big perk: going to Disney World. Which she does. Frequently. Kimberly holds an MFA in fiction from the University of South Florida. Her fiction has appeared in literary journals such as Luna Station Quarterly, The Medulla Review, and Hogglepot. Her chapbook, Pocket Forest, was published by Deathless Press in August 2013.

Favorite Character: Ken, the boy that came out of the box, has to be my favorite character. One day, Hijiri comes home to find a box sitting in her school apartment and when she opens it, Ken come out of it. Yes, I realize how weird and cheesy that sounds but it really fits the book. Hijiri makes charms that typically helps people for the good of the town, unlike other charm makers. Her ‘boss’ Love, decided to send Ken to her to help her with something new. Ken was thinking for sure that he was not real. He had a scar right above his heart, where when he blushes, it sort of shines. Ken and Hijiri begins to fall for each other, even though Hijiri can’t fall for him. It isn’t until the final charm competition where you find out that the two were together in a way a long time ago. Ken was in the hospital and Hijiri was there but once things got bad, she used charms to block it out. Ken was sweet and caring and almost everything that you want in a good boyfriend. He wanted to make sure Hijiri was safe, no matter what. Ken was amazing the whole book. I kind of wish that he was part of the first book.

Favorite Part: In the book, there is a charm robot named Stoffel who took over the town of Grimbaud who makes people in love, feel heartbroken and really weak. Hijiri was one of the first people to get attacked by the robot and she was heartbroken by Ken. Like any other time, Hijiri made a charm that made her feel better for a little while after she drank it. One of the days at school, she really doesn’t have any charm juice so she looses it in front of all of her schoolmates because of Ken. The principal tells her to go home but right before she leaves, Fallon comes and gives her a tiny bell from Ken who said that she should ring it when she needs to feel like someone is always with her. Hijiri gets home, and like normal, her parents aren’t home. She goes to sit down and she rings the bell. She can’t help but smile.

I don’t really know why I like this part because there were so many good parts in the book. I feel like I really like the part because Ken wants her to know he is always with her. Ken wants her to know that he really does know what it is like to be her, since he was in her shoes before.

I Didn’t Like: There is always one part of every book that I hate. This one just happened to happen early. I am not a really big fan about the whole competition. Yes, if you have read the book, you are asking why I didn’t like the competition because that was the whole point of the book. I thought that the competition would be a little bigger than what it was expressed in the book. In the book, it was talked about and all of this but I really didn’t care for it. I wish that the competitions would happen a lot more. It was kind of written in the stones that Hijiri was going to win but I really didn’t expect that Ken and her would be making out when she won. AND her parents was there, which was something I never thought would happen.

Book Three? I really want there to be a book three. I want to continue the story. I want to know if Ms. Ward ever finds a guy and gets married finally. I want to know how the next school year will be like since some of Hijiri’s friends will be graduating. I want to know if Ken and Hijiri stay together or Love will take him back?

Rating: I would have to give the book a 4.3 out of 5. (On Goodreads, it comes up as a 4 out of 5 stars. That’s one thing I don’t like about Goodreads – the rating scale). Yes, the book had really good points but there were a few small points I really didn’t like.

  1. The library wasn’t as big as a location as the first book. I really loved Ms. Ward and the whole library and I really wanted to know more about Ms. Ward. Even though we learned about her relationship problems, I wanted to get to know her more.
  2. The robot going after everyone and the whole town was on lock down til it was caught. Why? Just why a curfew?

I feel like it has been forever since I last did a book review so I thought you would enjoy this. I know it isn’t the best but I really hope that you enjoy the book! Does this make you want to read the book series? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

I also hope that you all stay safe if you are getting some of this terrible weather right now! I am currently getting the rain and wind from the whole thing but I hope you guys are all safe in your homes right now!

Happy Reading,

❤ Ann

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