Totally Should’ve Tag

I was a little obsessed with Ari @ The Daydreaming Bookworm the other day and I saw this tag. I do realize the ‘age’ of this tag but I felt like doing it so I’m doing it! I’m officially tagging you, right now to do this tag if you haven’t done this tag.

Totally Should’ve: Gotten A Sequel


Second Chance Summer by: Morgan Matson. The way that Morgan ends her books kills me. I’m sitting here, wanting to know if they remain together at the end of the summer (in this case).

Totally Should’ve: Had A Spin Off Series

Image result for the summer i turned pretty series

The Summer I Turned Pretty by: Jenny Han. I love the plot and the characters but I wish I would get into the mind of the brothers, especially Conrad since he is one of my favorite characters.

Totally Should’ve: An Author Who Written More Books

Image result for claudia gray a thousand pieces of you

Claudia Gray, the author of A Thousand Pieces of You. I love the way that she writes, but not necessarily this book. I know that there is a second book but I wish she had another book series.

Totally Should’ve: A Character Who Should’ve Ended Up With Someone Else

Image result for requiem lauren oliver

Let me just say the book and I bet you will be able to guess why this is the answer. I actually think most people will agree with me. Requiem  by: Lauren Oliver. Yah…

Totally Should’ve: Had A Movie Franchise

Image result for the unbecoming of mara dyer

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by: Michelle Hodkin. I was reading the series and I actually remember thinking, “What would this look like as a movie?” This book would be amazing as a movie.

Totally Should’ve: Had A TV Show

Throne of Glass UK.jpg

Throne of Glass by: Sarah J. Maas. This one could actually could happen with everything that I have read but I would love to see this happen. The book was amazing and there was so many amazing things that I want to see as a show. The Mark Gordon Company had opted the TV Show.

Totally Should’ve: Had Only One Point of View

Image result for game of thrones books

Game of Thrones by: George R.R. Martin. I did really enjoy the book but if it was in one point of view, either first person or third person, I would have liked it and understood it a little more.

Totally Should’ve: Had A Cover Change

Image result for the rosie project

The Rosie Project by: Graeme Simsion. I haven’t read the book yet but the cover is a little boring. I wish it was a little more exciting.

Totally Should’ve: Kept the Original Cover

So many books! It would either have to be An Ember In The Ashes by Sabaa Tahri or The Percy Jackson and the Olympian series by: Rick Riordan. Both original covers were better in my eyes.

Totally Should’ve: Stopped At One Book

Image result for beautiful creatures

Beautiful Creatures by: Margaret Stohl and Kami Garcia. The first book was the best. The rest of the series was too stretched out and a little boring to me.

What would be your answers to this tag? Do you agree with any of these? What book do you think I should give a try next? Let me know your thoughts and questions in the comments. And I would like to thank Eve @ Eve Messenger for the amazing cover art! I  hope it is okay that I’m using it.

Happy Reading,

❤ Ann

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