True Blood TV Show Review

I spent 2 weeks of my life watching the show True Blood. That sounds really depressing when I typed that but it is the truth. But if you haven’t read my recent post, you don’t know that I have been obsessed with the show True Blood. Literally, I have thought, talked, dream, and everything True Blood. So, I decided to review it for you guys, and yes, there will be spoilers, because obviously I have a lot to say. Before you ask, this is the second time I have watched the show fully. I don’t have problems, I promise. And I’m warning you know, there are going to be a lot of GIFs because some are just too amazing.

The Book That Started It All:

Title: Dead Until Dark

Author: Charlaine Harris

Publisher: Ace Books

Released: May 1, 2001

Pages: 292 (Mass Market Paperback)

Sookie Stackhouse is a small-time cocktail waitress in small-town Louisiana. She’s quiet, keeps to herself, and doesn’t get out much. Not because she’s not pretty. She is. It’s just that, well, Sookie has this sort of “disability.” She can read minds. And that doesn’t make her too dateable. And then along comes Bill. He’s tall, dark, handsome–and Sookie can’t hear a word he’s thinking. He’s exactly the type of guy she’s been waiting for all her life…. But Bill has a disability of his own: He’s a vampire with a bad reputation. He hangs with a seriously creepy crowd, all suspected of–big surprise–murder. And when one of Sookie’s coworkers is killed, she fears she’s next….

TV Show Background:

Title: True Blood

Created By: Alan Ball

Network: HBO

Run Time: 45-60 Minutes

Aired: September 7, 2008 – August 24, 2014

Small-town Louisiana waitress Sookie Stackhouse already is viewed as an oddball by her friends and neighbors, since she can read the minds of those around her. She doesn’t exactly help her reputation, though, when she falls for Bill Compton, a 173-year-old vampire who has “come out of the coffin” along with many of his undead comrades now that a new synthetic blood has made it possible for vampires to survive without preying on humans. Still, the conservative locals aren’t wild about mortal-vampire liaisons, especially Sookie’s boss, Sam Merlotte, who carries a torch for her. “Six Feet Under” creator Alan Ball is behind this series adaptation of best-selling novels by Charlaine Harris.

The Cast:
  • Anna Paquin – Sookie Stackhouse
  • Stephen Moyer – Bill Compton
  • Lauren Bowles – Holly Cleary
  • Sam Trammell – Sam Merlotte
  • Ryan Kwanten – Jason Stackhouse
  • Rutina Wesley – Tara Thorton
  • Alexander Skarsgard – Eric Northman
  • Chris Bauer – Andy Bellefleur
  • Kristin Bauer – Pam Swynford De Beaufort
  • Nelsan Ellis – Lafayette Reynolds
  • Lois Smith – Adele Stackhouse
  • Joe Manganiello – Alcide Herveaux
  • Carrie Preston – Arlene Fowler
  • Deborah Ann Woll – Jessica Hamby
  • Jim Parrack – Hoyt Fortenberry
  • Todd Lowe – Terry Bellefleur
Season Rundown:
Season 1 – Vampires, Murders, Shapeshifters


It has been 2 years since vampires ‘came out of the coffin’ when Sookie Stackhouse met her first vampire, Bill Compton. Vampires are still knew to the world so many vampires were still unknown of. Once Bill Compton walks into Merlottes, Sookie and Bon Temps is shown the truth about vampires. Sookie reads the minds of some of the people behind Bill who wants to drain the blood of Bill. Sookie stops them from draining the blood of Bill, but they later return to kill her, when Bill comes to stop them from doing that. Along with the vampires, the population is introduced to the concept of ‘V’, or vampire blood. There’s a murder in Bon Temp who is after all the Fang Bangers, so Sookie takes the job of finding this person. Sookie was so determined to fin the person who did this because the person killed her grandmother, Adele. The murder happened to be under their nose the whole time. Arlene’s husband, Rene was the murderer. He had originally came to the town to kill the people after he murdered another person in another town in Louisiana. He learned a fake accent and everything. One day after work, Sookie was driven home from Rene and he was after her. Sookie ran through the woods and Bill attempts to save her, even though it is day time. He burns up and Sam and Sookie takes him back to the home. Six months later, Sookie and Bill are still together.

Season 2 – Maenad and Anti-Vampire Supporters

The Fellowship of the Sun has been put into place by Steve Newlin (Michael McMillian) and his wife Sarah Newlin (Anna Camp). Jason signs up to go to the camp, because of everything vampires have done to him, without knowing there is a missing vampire, Godric, in Dallas, Texas. Godric, who is Eric Northman’s maker, is kidnapped and Bill, Sookie and Jessica are sent to find the person who has him. They find Godric at the Fellowship of the Sun, who the vampires of Dallas come and attack. Jason comes and saves the day, after he scares Sarah who told him that they should tell Steve that they had sex in the chapel. They return Godric home where a camper comes and blows up the place while Bill is outside. Bill comes to make sure Sookie is okay, but he finds her trying to take a bullet out of Eric. Eric tricked her into drinking his blood so he could always locate her. Before they return to Bon Temps, Godric decides to met the Truth Death, which devastates Eric. Sookie then begins to have the ‘dreams’ of Eric. While they are gone, the town changes, a powerful creatures into the town and controls the citizens, all but Andy – who continues to see a creature and a pig. A maenad, Maryann Forrester (Michelle Forbes), appears and it wants one thing: Sam Merlotte. Sookie, Jason, Bill, Jessica come back from Dallas, after helping Eric find Godric and they have to save their town.

Season 3 – King and Queen Vampires, Werewolves, Werepanthers, and Faeries


Bill just proposed to Sookie and is kidnapped by werewolves. Sookie turns to Eric for help, even though he is no help to her. Jason, who is determined to become a cop, follows in the steps of Andy, who enters Hotshot, a community of werewolves. Jason is drawn to Crystal Norris, who is engaged to another man, but loves Jason. Sookie goes on a hunt to find Bill, when a werewolf named Alcide Herveaux comes and helps her look for him. Bill, has been taken by the vampire King of Louisiana, Russell Edgington (Denis O’Hare) is reunited with his maker, Lorena. Tara is taken by one of the kings men, as a key to Sookie, and Tara is supposed to be made a vampire bride. Bill calls Sookie, right before he has sex with Lorena, saying that he and Sookie are over, but that doesn’t stop Sookie from finding him. Sookie is taken and finds out that Bill has a file about her, and the King wants to know what she is. Eric kills the King’s lover and Bill is chained up, in a shed, prepared to be killed by his maker. Sookie helps save him and Tara, while Alcide drives them home. Bill turns on Sookie and drinks her blood and he is able to be in the sunlight for a few minutes, before he burns. Sookie is taken to the hospital where Jason, Tara, and Alcide learn she doesn’t have a a blood type. Sookie is in a coma when she meets Claudine who warns her that vampires are bad and not to be trusted. The sky turns black as Bill walks into the room and he gives her his blood. Sookie wakes up and the two break up, with Bill leaving the room with tears running down his face. Bill reveals to Sookie that she is half faerie. Sookie allows Russell and Eric to drink her blood and they go out into the sun, to die. Sookie saves them both, and Eric and Bill go to cover Russell with cement, which Bill does the same to Eric since he is scared of what he will tell Sookie. Eric makes it out and reveals to Sookie that Bill was sent by the Queen to find out about her. Sookie goes to Gran’s grave and she sees Claudine who brings her to the faerie world.

Season 4 – Witches, Possessions, New World, and Vampire Control


Sookie returns from the Faerie World, thinking she was gone for about 20 minutes. She returns to Bon Temps, after escaping the faerie world with her grandfather, who sadly passes away once he gets to the real world. The minute that she returns to the world, you see Bill and Eric open their eyes since they can sense that they are back. Sookie returns to her home, with it being all fixed up and all, and she is told that this wasn’t her home. Jason, who is now a cop, returns to the home, amazed to see Sookie. Jason tells her that she has been gone for 12 1/2 months, and that everyone thought she was dead. Sookie tells him everything, and when dusk breaks, Bill comes right over to her home. Andy also arrives, wondering where she has been. Bill covers it all up, saying that he sent her on very secretive vampire business. Sookie makes her way back into the town, when she finds out that Bill is the Vampire King of Louisiana. Bill commands Eric to go and destroy/stop the practice of the witches. When Eric does that, Eric’s memory is taken. Sookie, who is coming back from work, stops and picks him up. Since Eric is the one that owns Sookie’s house, Sookie sees this as a chance to change his mind about the house. Sookie begins to care for Eric, and Eric starts to protect Sookie. Eric drinks the blood of Sookie’s faerie godmother, which makes any vampire go crazy. Eric is seen, in a lake, swimming around in broad daylight when Sookie and Alcide find him. Pam, who is worried about her maker starts to take things into her own hands, which causes her to loose part of her face. Of course, Sookie comes in a takes things into her own hands when Marine (Paola Turbay), summons the spirit of Antonia, who wants all vampires gone while she is in Bill’s control. While all vampires are scared of meeting the true death, they chain themselves with silver to stop them. Sookie goes over to Marine to try to stop her but she is stopped. Bill, Jessica, Eric and Pam come to shoot the place up, while Sookie was in there. Thank goodness Jason was there since he warned them about the field that protects them. Sookie is taken outside to try to stop the whole thing. Sookie works for then, until war erupts between them. Alcide comes at the right time since Sookie is shot. He takes her back to her home, and Bill insist that she needs his blood. He gives her his blood and she wakes up. They think that Antonia is gone, until she comes and possesses Lafayette’s body. ‘She’ comes and takes Bill and Eric, on Halloween, right after she killed Lafayette’s boyfriend Jesus. Sookie and Holly come over and with the help of the dead, they over power her and save Bill and Eric. Right after the burning, Sookie returns to find Debbie Pelt (Brit Morgan), with a gun. Tara takes a bullet for Sookie.

Season 5 – Vampire Authority, Escapes, and Religion


 Tara is shot and both Sookie and Lafayette want to turn her. Sookie calls Pam, who comes, wearing a Walmart jumpsuit, and she agrees to turn her. Tara wakes up the next night, as vampire, trying to kill Sookie. Pam leaves Tara in their hands, but Tara is too crazy. Tara runs around until she has no other place but Merlotte’s to go. Sam helps her, when she decides to get into a tanning bed. Pam comes to the rescue and takes her in. Bill and Eric are taken by the Vampire Authority, but Nora (Lucy Griffiths) helps them escape since Eric is her brother. Sadly, their escape doesn’t last long, since they are later taken to the Vampire Authority. But, Bill, Eric and Alcide know something no one else knows: Russell Edgington is still alive. Bill and Eric come to Sookie’s place, while she and Alcide are getting intimate, since they need help to try to find Russell. Sookie agrees, but Alcide also goes with them. They go to this abandoned hospital, where they find the remains of Russell, but he isn’t anywhere in sight. They look around until they find a wolf pack, who surrounds Eric, Bill and Alcide. Russell tries to drink Sookie’s blood but she uses her powers to stop him from doing so. The Vampire Authority comes and takes Russell and forces Eric and Bill to glamour Sookie and Alcide, even though Sookie can’t be glamoured. Russell goes back to the Authority, killing Roman (Christopher Meloni), where all the vampires drink Lilith’s (Jessica Clark) and they kill a group of people. Eric receives a vision from Godric telling him that he shouldn’t be doing this. The vampires get back to the Authority and Eric is the only one that has some sense in their mind. Bill tells Jessica that she needs to come to the Authority when Tara kills the new king of Area 5. Pam takes the blame and goes to the Vampire Authority. Sookie and Jason begin to dig into their family history, where they learn that the death of their parents is a lie. They weren’t killed in a flood – but a vampire fearie named Warlow killed them. Bill gets the wonderful idea to blow up the TruBlood factories, and calls it evolving. Eric and Nora makes it out of the Institute right when Bill begins to go crazy with Lilith. Eric and Nora take Sookie and Jason to the Authority to shoot the place up and tries to save Bill from the madness. When Eric and Sookie find Bill, they watch him drink the blood of Lilith and they both think that he died. He reappears covered in blood and both Sookie and Eric run.

Season 6 – Vampire Death Camps, Warlow and Billith


Bill is reborn and renames Billith. Sookie, Pam, Tara, Jessica, Jason and Nora all escape the Vampire Authority when Jessica is summoned to Bill. Sookie goes with her, to find Bill at home, sitting on the porch. Eric and Nora arrive to find Sookie trying to stake him but when she does, nothing happens to him. Sookie gets home and Jason catches a ride with a stranger who happens to be his fairy godfather. Niall (Rutger Hauer) gets to Sookie’s home and they find out that Warlow has been released to the world. Sookie walks to work the next morning, when she sees this guy laying on the ground, hurt. The guy’s name in Ben (Robert Kazinsky), who she takes back to her home and helps. Bill begins to have these visions of the future, where he sees Jessica, Eric, Pam, Tara, etc in a white room, meeting the sun. Bill begins to also notice he has these powers. He is able to speak to Lilith whenever his blood is low but every time, he is in the sun. He wants faerie blood to do so. Since Andy has four faerie daughters, he decides to take them and use their blood. Jessica drains the blood of the three kids but leaves one living. Sookie begins to train to defend herself from Warlow, without knowing that she has meet Warlow. Ben comes over to her home for a dinner, when she reveals to him that she knows that he is Warlow. Bill comes into Sookie’s house, since Lilith is Warlow’s maker. Bill locks Warlow up in a cell to get his blood. Warlow gets out when Bill senses that Sookie is in trouble. Sookie takes him to the faerie world where he could not be touched. Vampires began to have curfews and if any were out, they would be taken somewhere. Steve Newlin, who is now a vampire, is first to come and is reunited his is ex-wife Sarah Newlin. They get Jessica, Pam, Eric, and Nora and they lock them up. Jason comes to work for the camp, where his one goal is to save Jessica. Nora is injected with Hep-V and Eric is forced to watch what happens with her. He has the governor’s  daughter Willa (Amelia Rose Blarie) come and help the escape. The go over to Bill’s home to see if he can help but Nora dies in Eric’s arms. Warlow reveals to Sookie that he is going to make her his faerie vampire wife and when she tells Bill about this, he doesn’t do anything to stop it. After Eric and Bill get the ability to sun walk, they go to the camp to free the people. Bill goes into the white room, where they placed the vampires who didn’t drink the TruBlood with Hep V in it, and allows all of them to day walk. They go over to Bill’s where he learns that he lost his powers. Bill then remembers about Sookie and that it is his fault that this was happening to her. When dusk arrives, Andy’s faerie daughter Adilyn (Bailey Noble), Bill, Jason Andy and Violet (Karolina Wydra) goes and helps Sookie with Warlow. It turns into a nasty fight, with Bill ending up killing Warlow, which makes all the vampires loose the ability to day walk, and that is bad news for Eric since he was sitting in the sun when it happened. Six months later, Sam Merlotte is declared mayor of Bon Temps and him and Bill decide that all humans need a vampire. They planned a big party at Bellefleur’s Bar and Grille, and everyone mingles and finds out if they are Hep V positive. Both Sookie and her boyfriend Alcide are negative. Bill comes up to Sookie and Alcide and offers his protection but his rudely interrupted by a certain group of vampire.

Season 7 – Hep V and New Beginnings


Hep V vampires have reached Bon Temps, and war erupts. The vampires at the party take part of the war, including Bill and Alcide even though it meant leaving Sookie alone. During the party, there was several deaths including Tara, and several people were kidnapped including Arlene, Holly, and Nicole. Sam and Alcide try to follow the tracks but they lost them. Sookie leaves the party early, which worries Alcide and anytime he tried to call, she didn’t answer. Sookie gets home and Alcide and her make up. Pam is still on a hunt to find Eric. Eric leads her through the most interesting towns, with interesting clues about where he went. When she finally finds her, she finds out that he has Hep V so they are determined to find a cure, and they want Sarah Newlin’s help. It turns out that Sarah had sister who had Hep V. Sarah came to her home and cured her. Eric gets mad and kill the sister. They find Sarah and she admits that she is the cure to Hep V. Eric drinks her blood and he is cured. Eric throws her into the basement of Fangtasia so they can bottle her blood. To save the town, Sookie has an idea to draw the vampires to her so she turns to Bill for help since she knows Alcide won’t help. Bill agrees to go through it and Alcide figures out what happened. Holly comes with the Hep  V vampires and the vampires are killed since Sookie cuts her arm. Vampire guts are splattered everywhere and Alcide is shot dead. They find Nicole and Arlene and they bring them back to Bon Temps, from Fangtasia. Jessica begins to not feed on blood so she is bringing herself to death until Lafayette comes and lets her feed on him. Bill feeds on Sookie, which he later learns he has Hep V a few days later. Jessica overhears him talking about it and none of them believe that Sookie gave him Hep V until she is tested. Hoyt arrives back into town and Jessica and him reunite when Jason’s crazy vampire girlfriend, Violet, kidnaps Adilyn and Wade (Noah Matthews). Sookie finds out that Sarah is the cure and she takes Bill to her but he refuses to drink her blood. He is ready to die. Jessica and Hoyt decided to get married since Bill said that he had never seen any of his kids get married. They get married and during the wedding, Sookie is able to read Bill’s mind, which he was thinking about Sookie. Bill wants Sookie to kill him that night with her ball of light so she is not faerie. Sookie doesn’t kill him with her light but with a stake, even though she didn’t want to kill him. A few years later, Eric and Pam have created NewBlood, which includes Sarah’s blood. Everyone is happily married, even Jason and Sookie. Sookie is pregnant during their Thanksgiving Dinner with a mystery man and the dinner included many vampire – human couples.

Team Bill, Eric or Alcide?


Depends on how you want to place them. My answer for the book series and the TV show is two different people, but the book series is for another time. For the TV show, I have to go with my gut to the very beginning.Team Bill all the way.


Yes there was the truth – the Queen sent Bill to look for Sookie, find out about her and then take Sookie to the Queen – but Bill never took her to the Queen. It might be because Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer is a real life couple but anytime that they are together, there is a magic in the air.


Bill was one of those characters who meet some very real character development during the show. At first, he is all about Sookie and will do anything for Sookie. Season 2, he wants to protect Sookie. Season 3, he is done and over with Sookie, at least that is what he says. Season 4, 5, 6, he really is the ‘villain’ in the show to me since he disappears, Billith, and turns into a person that really no one wants to meet. Season 7, he gets back to his roots and he will do anything for Sookie. He wants to help Sookie with his life, and the answer to that was to kill himself. Even though Sookie was the one that did it, he was able to give Sookie a living, human, husband and a kid.


I was devastated when Sookie and Bill broke up in the hospital in Season 3, the season you find out about the truth of Bill and Sookie’s real relationship meaning. I knew that this was coming, since this was my second time watching the show, but I still cried like a baby because Bill and Sookie belong together. If this wouldn’t have happened, I guess we wouldn’t have found out about the truth of Bill’s reason for wanting Sookie. The fact that Bill cared about Sookie that he would not listen to his Queen is so sweet and caring. Also, with Bill leaving the hospital room with the blood tears streaming down his face after the two of them broke up because of everything he has done to her is incredible heartbreaking. This whole thing wants me to scream and cry at the same time.


There is only part of time that this opinion changed. Season 4, my opinion of Team went to Eric. Eric is so sweet and adorable when he doesn’t remember anything. Eric doesn’t remember that he bought Sookie’s house so Sookie kind of had her home back. Eric didn’t remember any of the things that he has done to anyone and whenever he found out about anything he did, he would look so sad and honestly sorry. Eric protected Sookie from everything, minus the one time that he drank faerie blood and Sookie and Alcide had to go looking for him. Eric is cute and hilarious all throughout the season, which might be one reason season 4 is my favorite season out of all 7.


Sookie and Alcide never really came across to me as a really great couple. A faerie and a werewolf. Yes, Sookie and Alcide could get married and have a big happy life but I could never saw Sookie with a werewolf. Sookie lives a dangerous life and werewolves are very dangerous but Sookie was never really included with many dangerous werewolf things. Of course, like many people that watched the show, I find Alcide very attractive, so when Sookie began going out with him at the end of season 6, I wasn’t shocked. Alcide did have some great qualities that neither Bill or Eric had but I guess Sookie could never get back together with him since he sadly died while he was trying to protect Sookie from the Hep V vampires in Season 7.


The worst person that Sookie ever was together with was Warlow. Like all these other guys, he was very attractive, so no wonder why Sookie decided to help him. Warlow had written law to take Sookie and make her his. Since Sookie had Bill’s blood, Bill sensed Lafayette drowning Sookie so he sent Warlow to save her. Once Sookie was placed into the faerie safe zone with Warlow, Warlow was sort of sweet. Until, Warlow turned on her and began to feed on her, tied her to a tree and almost made her a fearie vampire. Of course, Bill had to come to the rescue on the show in Season 6. Yet again, another one of Sookie’s boyfriends, if you call him a boyfriend, ended up dead.

Sookie and Eric was my favorite couple in Season 4, but there were some moments that I was hoping the two would get together. If you know me, I am in love with Eric Northman. I love him A LOT. So I always had the thought that they could always end up together. Eric was this strong, sexy, Viking, 1000 year old vampire that everyone wanted to have a piece of before they died. Like Bill, Eric would do anything for Sookie because he cared so much about her, even if he didn’t want to admit it to other people.  Eric, like all other vampires was interested in what she was but like Bill, he wanted to keep her protected so she doesn’t leave. Eric wants the best for her so when the final scene of Season 7 showed TruBlood in the fridge, I kind of hung on to the hope they finally ended up together. If Bill wasn’t there, Eric would be my number one pick.

Other Important Characters:


Jason Stackhouse was also one of my favorite characters in the book and in the show. Jason thought that he wasn’t smart, even though he was really smart when you think about it. He was able to manipulate people like no one else could. Jason, like Sookie, was a fan of danger. He got addicted to Vampire Blood in Season 1, but in Season 2, he went to the Fellowship of the Sun to fix him. Of course, that didn’t really help because he ended up dating several more vampires, and a werepanther. Jason was pretty funny since he made on of the best quotes from the show:

“There’s werewolves? Big Foot, is he real, too?”

Sookie, “I don’t know, I guess it’s possible.”

Jason, “Santa?”

TrueBloodLafayetteLafayette Reynolds is the funny, gay, character that makes the whole thing perfect. In the book, he dies in the beginning of the series, but in the show he never dies. Without Lafayette, the show would not be the same. Lafayette was figured out to be a medium. In season 2, Eric took him because he was selling V. Ever since, Eric and Lafayette have had some sort of weird relationship since them, like Eric helping Lafayette with the Hotshot men, and buying him a car. Lafayette was a character that had to be left alive, and even though it didn’t happen in the book, I am happy about this character.

Tara Thorton had her mommy and daddy problems from the very beginning. Her mom was an alcoholic, until she got a fake exorcism by a women in the woods who made her religious.  Tara was Sookie’s best friend, who would do anything for her. Of course, Tara never like Sookie and Bill – she sensed something funky going on. Tara went through a lot since she was one of the reasons the maenad came to Bon Temps. She was never really able to have a relationship because she never knew what to do, and most of them died. She also was the one who went to the Vampire King in Season 3 and Bill didn’t even bother to help her. Tara was never supposed to be made a vampire and die in Season 7. Pam, her maker, and her was sweet. Pam never really cared about many people but Tara was one of those people.


Jessica Hamby was created by Bill when he killed Longshadow to protect Sookie in Season 1, but Sookie never found out about her til Season 2. Jessica grew up in a religious house, where her dad controlled everything. When Jessica was just turned, she spent a few weeks with Eric and Pam because Bill couldn’t help her. Jessica goes back to the home but of course she wants to go back to Eric and Pam. When Jessica first meets Sookie, the friendship is created. Sookie liked Jessica and Jessica liked her. Jessica met Hoyt Fortenberry, who ends up being one of her true loves, which she marries in Season 7, but it wasn’t always that easy. Hoyt was offered a job in Alaska and right before he leaves, he ask Jessica to glamour him so he doesn’t remember Jessica or Jason. Hoyt doesn’t want to remember everything that happened between none of them. Of course Jessica was devastated but she did it and moved on. She met a guy at the camp in Season 6, but he ended up being with Lafayette in Season 7, right before Hoyt returns in Season 7.When Sookie gave Bill Hep V, instead of being mad at her, they comforted each other, and helped each other get through it. I thought I wasn’t going to like her at first but by the end of Season 2, I really started to like her. Even though she done some things she shouldn’t have done, she truly shows how sorry she is and she ended up being one of the sweetest people in the whole show.

Sam Merlotte is the owner of Merlotte’s Bar and Grill in which Sookie works. Sam Merlotte not only has a crush on Sookie for the first few season, but he is also a shapeshifter. In Season 1, Bill has to go away so he ask Sam to watch Sookie so he does. That night, he changes into a dog and spends the night with Sookie, and she finds out the truth about him. Almost everyone he had ever loved died. Luna, his shapeshifting girlfriend in Season 5 died, his true brother Tommy died because of him, and his past girlfriend who used him. In Season 6, Sam finally found love, right before he became the mayor of the town. Nicole becomes pregnant shortly after they met and at the end of the show, the daughter, Nicole and him show up at Sookie’s Thanksgiving. If you haven’t read the book series, don’t read til you see RED. In the book series, Sam and Sookie end up together. In the back of my mind, I was always hoping that they would hook up and finally get together as a couple but they never do. I still hang on to that hope, even though the show has been over for 2 years.


Pam Swynford De Beaufort is Eric’s creation of 100 years. Pam has always stood by Eric’s side and would die for Eric if it had came to it. Pam wasn’t that included in the first two seasons, as she is seen as Eric’s side kick. When you start to learn about the relationship that Eric and Pam have, you start to see why she really doesn’t like Sookie. Pam reveals that she is actually jealous of Sookie because Sookie has done nothing but she is so knownTrueBlood_EP709_MOREPAM. Pam does have a heart, since you see her cry only about 3 times the whole 7 season but she really is a true sweetheart.

Pam is literally me. Pam is a strong, powerful women who let nothing get in her way, but Eric. Pam is there if you need a hug, but in reality, she is more worried about what they will do to her close. Pam is funny is the weirdest times as well. In Season 1, Jason comes over to Fangtasia to get some V, since he is addicted. As he walks in, Pam tells him that she remembers his sister Sookie, since she doesn’t forget a face like hers. Pam also gets really mad at the littlest things, just like me. She gets mad when something, or Sookie, gets in the way of things. The best time was when she didn’t want Eric to stay where he was in Season 7, to die with Hep V. She was determined to get him help, no matter what. That is one reason why I really look up to Pam.

Who is Sookie Stackhouse?


All this time and you still don’t know who Sookie Stackhouse is? Well, there is a few words that can describe her: dangerous, sweet, different, faerie, bait, sister, friend, and unique.

Sookie Stackhouse was a telepathic, who really never thought much about having a clear mind until Bill Compton. She let Bill Compton come into her life and her whole life changes. She begins to get drawn into vampire business because of what she is, which she says, “I’m just a waitress.” Once she meets Bill, she begins to be introduced to all the other supernatural – werewolves, shapeshifters, werepanthers, fearies, etc.

Sookie is a girl who was determined to do what ever she put her mind into. When someone needed help, she couldn’t stop herself from helping them because that was how her-sookie-eric-sookie-and-eric-32188929-500-281 grandmother raised her. Sookie could never say no when it was someone she loved very much. Sookie took a risk when it came to things she loved. In Season 3, Sookie was still unknown of everything she was so she goes to Russel Edgington’s home to find Bill. Once she finds Bill, she took her chance by getting in the back of Alcide’s truck with him, but that ended up with her getting attacked by Bill. Sookie didn’t care, until the faeries came into play.

Sookie was born part fae. Faeries are known around vampire world as a drug. Once sip can let them day walk for a few seconds, depending on how much they drink. It makes the vampires, high. Faeries are also telepathic, just like Sookie. In Season 5, Sookie goes to this faerie club where she finds out that her parents were killed by a vampire. A vampire faerie named Warlow, who was looking for Sookie. According the what Sookie saw in Season 5, Warlow was after something in the car, a bandage that had some of Sookie’s blood on it in the back seat of the car. Warlow comes and tries to take Sookie, but Bill comes and save Sookie by killing Warlow.


Like any other love story, there is a love triangle – Bill, Eric, and Sookie. Both Bill and Eric want Sookie and Sookie kind of wants to have both of them. Bill and Eric really never see eye to eye, but it isn’t like a normal hate relationship from both the guys. Either Bill is in charge of Eric or Eric is in charge of Bill. One way or the other, someone doesn’t like someone. Sookie could be with either one of them but she would always go to the other. Sookie loved both of them, no matter what they did, not only because she had their blood but they are people that she truly loves deeply.


There was also a small love triangle a little into Season 4 – Bill, Alcide and Sookie – which lasted long throughout the seasons til Alcide died. Bill always cared for Sookie, no matter what he said, and so did Alcide. When the vampires were going against the witches in Season 4, the werewolves decided not to take part of it. Alcide dismissed the rule and had to make sure that Sookie was safe. Alcide came at the right time because he was able to get her right after she was shot. Of course Bill and Eric felt it but neither was able to get to her, but Alcide rushed her back to her home. As soon as the fight is over, Bill rushes over to Sookie and feeds her his blood. In Season 6, Bill overs Sookie his protection. Alcide, who she was dating at the time tells him that he doesn’t need to do that since he is a werewolf. But, Sookie and Bill ended up together soon after the death of Alcide.

Did You Say Hot Guys?

The casting directors definitely knew what they were doing when they casted several of the actors in the show. Have you seen several of these people, without a shirt? Just take a look:




They are all just way to attractive to be on one show. Maybe this is one reason why I liked the show so much. Along with all the hot guys in the show, sometimes the humans drank Vampire Blood so they would get ‘the dreams’ and Jason Stackhouse has to have the best dreams when he was on the V. Firstly, he has the dreams from Warlow in Season 6. Season 7, he has the dreams about Eric in the middle of church. Let me tell you, they could not be any better.


My favorite had to be the one with Eric Northman and Jason since I thought it was real. The first time I watched it, I had totally forgotten that Eric gave Jason blood in Season 6 so I thought that Jason had really found Eric. The fact that Jason was having a dream like this in the middle of church was pretty funny as well, since why would you dream something like that in the middle of church? But I will never, ever, forget that kiss between Eric Northman and Jason Stackhouse.

Twilight Vampires or True Blood Vampires?


As the picture says, the vampires from Twilight are unacceptable compared to the vampires in True Blood. The ones from Twilight get to walk in the sunlight and they really don’t live by any rules. True Blood on the other hand are awesome. They are a lot hotter, and stronger, and older than the ones on Twilight. If you didn’t know, Twilight is the reason Christopher-Heyerdahl-twilightheyerdahl_truebloodwhy I found True Blood. If there was ever an episode in which the vampires from Twilight came over to True Blood, I would have to go with Bill and Eric since Edward and them are weak little things compared to them, even though Edward can walk in the sun and sparkle. But I do find it funny that there is a common similarity between the two, that don’t include supernatural. There is an actor that both stared in both Twilight and True Blood.

Remember these characters from the Volturi in Twilight and him from the Vampire Authority in Season 5? Well, it’s the same guy that plays both of them! Christopher Heyerdahl played both characters, and when I learned that, it seemed like it caused a controversy since Twilight is for young adults and True Blood is for adults. But I would love to know how he feels about the whole thing about which vampire squad is better!

How big of a fan are you of True Blood? Who is your favorite character, and favorite relationship from the show? Do you like the book or the show better? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! Also, let me leave you with this picture because, it will definitely cheer you up!


Happy Reading,

❤ Ann

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