The Opposite Books Tag

I was looking for some ideas for a good book tag and I saw this tag up on several people’s blog and I liked the idea so I decided to do it. I tag YOU to do this tag since you have read this far!

You could either use all the books you have ever read or just the books you own, like I did.

The First Book In Your Collection and Last Book You Bought

Marley and Me was the first book that I added to my huge collection. I got the book for my 11th birthday and I got two copies of it, but I got rid of the one. I have read the one copy at least twenty times.

Me Before You was the last book that I bought. I bought that on Saturday for getting great grades through the years and I decided to get it because I was dying to read it. It might be because of the actors in the movie…

A Cheap Book and an Expensive Book

Something Like Fate is the cheapest book I own. We went to this store which had really cheap books and I think that I bought the book for $1.75. I still haven’t read this book, even though I have had it on the shelf for at least a year but it was cheap.

The Longest Ride is the most expensive book I have in my collection. We accidentally picked up the large print version of the book and it ended up being around $26. It was accident and it was the only copy they had.

A Book With a Male Protagonist and One With a Female Protagonist

Paper Towns is a book with a male protagonist. I actually had to think about this one for a second. I had read so many books with female protagonist so it was hard to think of one.

The Testing had a female protagonist. I love this book. It is amazing and it has amazing details and characters, including Cia, the main character.

A Book With a Pretty Cover and a Book With a Ugly Cover

Unravel Me has the pretty cover in my collection. The whole thing with the eye on the cover, covered in ice is beautiful and I love it. All the books in the Shatter Me series have a beautiful cover.

Dark Visions has the ugliest cover in the world. I bought the book with all three of the books and the only thing on the cover is a girl. That’s it and it really doesn’t make sense for the book at all.

A National Book and an International Book

The Shining is a national book is on my collection. I’m really not sure what a national book and an international book is but Google is answering my questions. But this book is really good. I just finished it last week and watched the movie and I loved it. And if you weren’t as bright as me while reading the book or watching the movie, REDRUM is MURDER backwards. Yah, I didn’t pick that up.

I don’t think I have an international book on my shelf. I don’t even think I have read one to be quite honest. If I have I just don’t remember it. Google was no help either.

A Thick Book and a Thin Book

City of Heavenly Fire is the thickest book on my shelf. I know I have read books with more but I don’t own them. I might have some thicker on my shelf but I am kind of lazy and don’t want to get up.

Romeo and Juliet is the thinnest book I own. The copy I picked up only has like 80 pages in it. Sometimes I have trouble remembering I own it because it hides between a few books.

A Fiction Book and a Non-Fiction Book

Queen of Shadows is one of the fiction books I have on the shelf. Most of the books on my shelf are fiction so it is pretty easy to find one.

Eat Pray Love is one of the only nonfiction books I own. I don’t own that many since I’m not a fan of it but I got it because I know a lot of people like it.

A Way Too Romantic Book and an Action Book

The Notebook is way too romantic for my type of book. I hated the book and movie, sorry if I offend you but it is the truth. It was too love birdy and it really didn’t seem like a good book, even though I love Nicholas Sparks.

Everything Everything is an action pack book for me. I know it is not a full on action, fighting book but it was action packed for me. I read this in three hours, without putting it down because I loved it so much!

A Book That Made Me Happy and a Book That Made Me Sad

In The Afterlight made me happy. I’m not going to say why because that could potentially spoil it for you but I cried because of certain events and people. It made me so happy that tears came.

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer is a book that made me sad. I was sad because I needed the second book right then and all the events that happened in the book. The whole series made me sad because of everything that took place. 😦

Which books make you think these things? Do you agree with any of these? Let me know in the comments and if you do this tag, let me know and I will read it!

Happy Reading,

❤ Ann

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