The Beauty of Artwork and Nature

Since I am currently working on finishing a series for a post next week, I thought I might share some of my thoughts that are in my mind right now.

Yesterday we, our school band, took a field trip to this African American Music Trial and Art Council and it was really relaxing. I never thought it would be relaxing and calming but it was.

We took this tiny bus, full of 33 people, to the bus place and switched buses which was the worst time in my life. I didn’t mind it but I knew some people did, since we were sitting on top of each other. We get to the location of the Trial and it was really beautiful. You could really tell that they spent a lot of time and money into it. The whole trail was about the musicians that were famous from North Carolina. It was really neat because they had their quotes and lyrics in the sidewalk and the whole thing was set up like a musical scale.

I think my favorite thing about the whole thing was the fact of the mosaics were beautifully made. They has five or six of them and they were amazing. You could really tell that they spent their time working on it.

The Art Council was really cool. They had this really cool train set up that took up about half of the basement, but sadly they weren’t running it. They had these children’s artwork set up and some of them were really good. I think my friend Cristina is a little better than some of the artwork but it was still really cool to see work of other High Schoolers, that actually have a talent of drawing, not like me.

They had this room set up to go with the trail. They had some of the instruments of the featured artist and it had some of the coolest things to look at. They also had one of those piano players, without a person playing it. I really love watching those things, which might be because of my playing.

I would have never thought that I would enjoy the whole thing, especially the fact that I was sweating outside on the Trial. I really enjoyed looking at all this things because I really love music. I think the love of music made me feel relaxed and enjoyed the whole thing.

I really loved lunch. We have this buffet place about 10 minutes away and it was really good. The table I was sitting with was talking about the definition of fat, different types of food, school and the one person who spilt his drink. Anytime that I go to this restaurant, someone always, ALWAYS, spills their drink. I don’t know why.

The funniest part of the whole thing was the fact everybody was passed out on the bus but like 5 of us. I was one the awake. I have a fear that if I fall asleep in a car, something is going to happen. I don’t know why. Everyone was full and tired out because of all the sugar they had from the cotton candy they ate (I don’t like cotton candy).

I really loved this trip, even though some people didn’t. I love anything with music and this really joined the love of music.

Have you ever experiencing like this before? Are you waiting for this day to happen to you?

Read and Relax,

❤ Ann

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