Game of Thrones: Season 6 Episode 1

Sunday started Season 6 of Game of Thrones. Typically I don’t review just one episode of an season but since everyone in the whole world, probably half of it, was watching this premier, with one question in mind: Is Jon Snow still alive? I watched this episode with my dad because he was the one that got me into the books, and the show. Here are some of the thoughts and feelings my dad and I had while watching the show:

The Book Isn’t Even Out Yet

I have been waiting for this book since last summer/spring. I read all the books at one time, and watched all the episode that were on demand at one time. I became obsessed with the series. I have been waiting and waiting for this book to come out for a while now and it still isn’t out. The only thing that has been released about the book is the title, and that is The Winds of Winter, and that hasn’t even have a expectant release date!

Jon Snow IS Dead……At Least Right Now

If my theory is correct, I believe the man that Jon Snow is with is going to try to save his life. Yes, I did see how much blood he had lost from season 5’s battle, but I believe that man has something up his sleeve, that won’t happen until mid season, or in my luck, the day I can’t watch the show. If you didn’t notice it or not, it might just be an Ann thing, but the actor that plays Jon Snow, Kit Harington, is featured in the opening credits. If he was dead, for real, his name would have been taken off of the opening credits, and put in the closing credits as a Guest Actor.

Arya Stark Has Gone Blind, but Neither My Dad or I Remember It

I actually had to google what happened and when it happened because neither of us could remember what happened. What happened was: Arya went to see “The White Walkers” and she was pulling the faces. When Arya does that, she gets in trouble for it and the revenge was her loosing her vision. Part of the reason I didn’t remember what happened is because in the book, they granted her with her vision. I thought that her eyes looked cloudy, but I really wasn’t sure if I was seeing it right. Apparently I was seeing correctly. When the scene when Arya and the girl fight in the street, since Arya still isn’t ‘home’ yet, started, my dad goes and says, “When did she go blind?” and I could not answer him correctly.

Sansa Stark IS Still Alive…For Now

I honestly think that they are going to kill Sansa this season. For the past two or three season, I have been feeling that way but it hasn’t happened. When she jumped off the building with the man (I don’t like the man at all so I refuse to make him look real), my dad thought that she committed suicide with the man. I actually remembered what happened in the book but I can’t remember, and my dad too, can’t remember what happened after they jumped. If I believe correctly, they landed safely on the ground. Correct me if I am wrong please!

Tyrion Didn’t Look Like A Lion!

Last season, he was growing such a beard on his little face. I was worried he was going to have a beard a size of a lion. Thank god someone told him to shave off his beard. He does have a small visible one but it is a lot better than the other one. And I love Tyrion a little more now.

One Word: Melisandre

Melisandre, I think, confused a lot of people. Maybe not my dad, but at least me. I don’t ever remember her with any powers but the man that had her in the home, which is the same guy who has Jon Snow right now, said that we haven’t seen what she could do. shortly after he says that, we see her undress and practically transform to a 80 year old lady. I started to wonder if she was truly 80 or if that is her power to shapeshift to different time periods in her life? I want to know now but I have to wait!

Let me know what you thought about this weeks episode of Game of Thrones! I have actually just gotten over some sort of cold, which loose most of my voice, stuffed up head, and it made me loose a lot of energy. I wanted to come and post something but my mind and body didn’t let me physically get to it!

Happy Reading,

 ❤ Ann

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