The Pixar Book Tag

I was sitting on the bus the other afternoon and I saw this tag come in my mail. I read it, thanks Aubrey over at Aubrey’s Book Nook. I grabbed my notebook and started to write. Since you have read this far, I tag YOU to do this tag now! HAHAHA!

Before we get started, credit to Zezee over at ZeZee with Books for this beautiful cover image! I couldn’t help myself but to use it! I hope it is okay that I did!

Favorite Pixar Movie:


Finding Nemo. I love that movie way too much. I am so ready to see Finding Dory in the summer (which it actually comes out on my cousin’s birthday).

Toy Story: Favorite Childhood Book You Never Grew Of

Marley and Me, even though it is not a children’s book. I read this book as a kid and have always loved it. I think I have read my copy of it 10+ times from the time I was 8 years old. My copy is so beaten up and torn apart.

A Bug’s Life: A Book That Felt To Similar To Another Popular Book

Divergent and The Testing. They were way too much alike in a way.

Monster Inc: A Book Villain Whom You Couldn’t Hate

Snape was seen as one of the villains in the Harry Potter series in the beginning of the series. I loved him from the very beginning – even when he would ‘hurt’ Harry.

Finding Nemo: Best Family Relationship You Read About In A Book

Easy. Laia’s family in The Ember in the Ashes. Even though I don’t like th book and won’t continue the series, I did enjoy her family. The way her grandparents sacrificed themselves for her and her brother, I loved it. In a close second was Cassie’s in The 5th Wave series because Cassie and teddy were amazing.

The Incredible: A Super Power From A Character You Wish You Had

Meduesa from both Greek Mythology and Percy Jackson. I wish I had the power to look at a person and they would turn to stone.

Cars: A Book Where The Characters Go On A Road Trip or Travel A Lot

Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour. One of my favorite books of all time.

Ratatouille: Your Favorite Sidekick In A Book

Jem in The Infernal Devices. He was Will’s sidekick. Even though Jem was a main character, he still counts…right? *Starts to cry*

Wall-E: Top 5 Dystopian Novels


  1. Divergent by: Veronica Roth
  2. Legend by: Marie Lu
  3. Cinder by: Marissa meyer
  4. Delirium by: Lauren Oliver
  5. The 5th Wave by: Rick Yancey
Up: The Most Beautiful Love Story You Ever Read

Alec Lightwood and Magnus Bane. Warlocks and Shadowhunters are not supposed to be together. Plus the fact Magnus is immortal and Alec’s parents don’t like the fact that he is gay. Do I need to explain anymore?

Brave: The Most BA Heroine You’ve Read About

Difficult one, especially someone like me. Malencia from The Testing series. Cia had to go though this school which people are known to go crazy and try to kill each other. She was there when others needed her and she had to deal with everything with her brother as well.

Inside Out: The Book That Gave You All ‘The Feels’

Lady Midnight. I was laughing and crying on the same page and sometimes at the same page. I’m still trying to recover over that book.

Thanks so much for visiting today! Like I said before, I tag all of you to do this tag! Let me know which ones you agree with and you don’t agree with. Sorry for not posting that often recently. I have been really busy and just haven’t had all the time in the world. I hoping to get on a new schedule since Spring Break has ended so yah!

Til Next Time,

❤ Ann





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