Where I Went For A Few Weeks

As you could have told by now, I am back, and trying to do better in posting on the blog. I wanted to take some time and actually tell you where I went to.

Japanese_high_school_classroomFirstly, second semester began for me and I have already missed 3 days. There have been some days that I just feel terrible after school and I just really need to do what I need to do and then go to bed. I have the classes that I could on the Honors setting and they are a lot more stressful than the first semester. I recently did terrible on a test and it lowered my 95 to a 91 and I am trying really hard to work it up.

Secondly, I feel like music is coming first right now. As some people know, I Music_Panels__Compiled_by_smashmethodplay piano, guitar, and clarinet and right now, they are taking over my life. I have several pieces of music for guitar and piano which I need to learn for my own good but also clarinet music for school concerts and other events I need to perform at, either at the middle school my mom works at and the high school I go to.

thONKMSF1YThirdly, I really haven’t been reading as much as I used to. With every second last year I had free, I would read. This year, if I have a free second, I spend studying and working on school work. I have been reading at times but it isn’t as much as before. Right now I am working on a schedule for me to follow for my reading. I really don’t know when I will do it but it will be done.Social-Media.jpg

Fourth, I have been wanting to remove myself from all the internet drama as much. I haven’t really been on Instagram or Twitter as much as I have before because I don’t want to be sucked up in so much drama or see so much stuff and change how I am. Sometimes you need to take a break from the things you love to clear your mind at times.

But I promise this time that I am back. And I am better than ever. I have all these ideas in my mind that I want to do here on the blog, like becoming a little more personal with you guys and doing some fun tags that I ‘borrow’ from others or some that I think of in the middle of the night or in the bathroom (that’s where I do the most thinking). Of course I will still have some of the regular stuff I did like the different types of genres, or book reviews and the most excited book releases of the month.

Thank you to all the loyal readers who have stuck with this blog and me through this rough year and I promise that it will be worth every minute you spent reading or finding a new book. Let me know in the comments below what you want to see me do on the blog or some books that you enjoyed and you want me to give my personal opinion about.

Love you all,

❤ Ann

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