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I was reading some other blog post and I came across Ashley, over at What’s She Reading and she did this tag which really caught my eye. I couldn’t help but read the article, so I did and I want to do it. And also because I have nothing better to do on a Friday night. I tag anyone who wants to do it because you never know when someone might want to do it!

1. A Popular Book or Series You Didn’t Like

I honestly did not like Outlander series by: Diana Gabaldon. Everyone talks about how wonderful the series is and the TV show is and I really didn’t get into the book and the show. I forced myself to finish the first book but I really didn’t enjoy it. I know how much people love it but I really never saw the thing that caught my eye. I do know that I have one of the books in the series on my shelf, which I bought not to long ago.

2. A Popular Book or Series That Everyone Else Seems to Hate But You Love

I read the Sookie Stackhouse Series back in 7th grade and through that summer. My all time favorite book out of the whole complete series had to be Dead Reckoning, which it the 11th book. I read it at least 7 times right now but I really don’t know why it only has a 3.75 on Goodreads. I love this book way too much.

3.  A Love Triangle Where the Main Character Ended Up With the Person You Did NOT Want Them to End Up With (warn people for spoilers) OR an OTP That You Don’t Like

Don’t worry about spoilers. I won’t share any spoilers. I would hate to spoiler you. I was actually just talking about this the other day of school with my one friend Mackenzie. My answer would have to be the Delirium series by: Lauren Oliver. Lena meets this one character in the first book which I fall in love with. Lena then meets a character in the second book which she falls in love with. With Lena both in love with them, and me only being in love with the first character, she has to go with the one I don’t like. Why? They really don’t like me. 😦

4. A Popular Genre That You Hardly Reach For

I rarely go towards the Historical Fiction in either adult or young adult books. I have never really been able to get into the genre and I know that a lot of people at my school right now are reading books from this genre and I’m over here with my Crown of Midnight book.

6. A Popular Author That You Can’t Seem to Get Into

This is an easy one. Holly Black. I love Holly Black’s books, only when they are co-written with Cassandra Clare. I have been trying to read Holly Black since I was in 3rd or 4th grade and I have not been able to. I read The Coldest Girl in Coldtown at this time last year and I could not get into them. No matter what book I read that she single handedly wrote, I have never been able to get into. I am always here about Holly Black and seeing her books around school but I just can’t read her for fun.

7. A Popular Book Trope That You’re Tired of Seeing

Ashley and I have the same opinion. Good girl falls in love with the bad boy. That it is totally normal to change yourself for a person. In almost every realistic book out there, there is a good girl who wants to be with the bad boy. For example, in City of Bones (spoilers ahead), Clary is a good girl who always does the right thing. Jace is the bad boy who tries to show off to the pretty girl, no matter what. Clary falls in love with Jace and Jace falls in love with Clary. Clary wants to be with Jace, or “Good Girl wants to be with Bad Boy.”

8. A Popular Series That You Have no Interest in Reading

The Lord of the Rings by: J.R.R. Tolkein. Everyone is always talking about how amazing the series is but I don’t see it. I really don’t have an interest in reading the books or watching the movies.

9. The saying goes “The book is always better than the movie”, but What Movie or T.V. Show Adaptation Do You Prefer More Than the Book?

Paper Towns by: John Green. The book ended with us not sure of an ending but the movie did. The way the characters played and looked on set made the book amazing. The scene with hitting the cow and peeing in a bottle in the back of the car. The movie was partly shot in North Carolina so it rose on the chart.

Happy Reading,

❤ Ann

2 thoughts on “Unpopular Opinion Book Tag

    1. I use to love to read books by Meg Cabot and Wendy Mass when I was in 3rd and 4th grade but recently I’d tried to read their adult/middle school books but I just can’t read them. I think it is the weirdest thing in the world.


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