5 Authors I Will Never Read

We all have our favorite authors and we all have those authors who we just know, we will never read one of their books. I try not to look at the authors when I get a book or find a interesting book to read but there are a few that I just know for sure, I will never, in my life, read one of their books.

May I just add a side note that J.K. Rowling, Stephenie Meyer and Rick Riordan was on the list until I actually gave their books a try. Who knew I would find my best friends that way?!?!

  1. Holly Black – Yes I know that she was one of the authors on the September Book Releases of 2015 (click here to read) but she helped co-write the book with Cassandra Clare. I feel like Cassandra Clare’s writing took more of the lead in the books instead of Holly Black. I have been trying to read her books since the 4th grade and I still have not – it also helps since I have only read two of her books.
  2. J.R.R. Tolkein – I know he is like one of the best an well known authors of our time since he has all these books that are movies but nothing has really inspired me to read the books. When my dad and I would be flipping through the channels on HBO and Starz, we would see parts of the movie and nothing has really inspired me to read them or watch them. What I have seen of them sort of brings a Game of Thrones meets Harry Potter which would be awesome if that happened. I would watch that movie!
  3. James Patterson – I was never intrigued to read one of his books. My sister loved his series I Funny but I never saw what was so important about it. Nothing really intrigues me about his Young Adult Books so I never tried them. He just has too many books out and it sort of drives me crazy because I might start one series and it might be 50 books long. The series would be just so stretched out and I wouldn’t enjoy it as much.
  4. Brandon Sanderson – Nothing but amazing things about this author but something just doesn’t interest me in the books. I know people are in love with the books but the concept of his books don’t say READ ME KNOW!!!! when I see them. The covers of the books don’t really scream my name either but I really don’t judge a book by it’s cover all the time. Sometimes I do and this one I just don’t like.
  5.  Sara Shepard – I really have never been a big fan of Pretty Little Liars until now. I had to watch it a few times before another show was on or there was something special being previewed during the show so I watched it. I’m really intrigued now. The series on the other hand – NO. How many books are even in the series?! There are at least 20 and they keep getting more and more, like the series is never going to end, even with Sara Shepard is dead. The covers of the books make no sense (since watching the show it makes a little more sense) but it is a little creepy to see a book titled Pretty Little Liars and there be a barbie doll on the cover.

What authors don’t you like or you know you will never read? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Reading,

❤ Ann

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