Saint Anything by: Sarah Dessen Review

While I was sitting on my couch, I thought to myself, since it is the last day of vacation for me, why don’t I post. I then remembered, what could I post? Haven’t really finished a book, since it is taking me forever to read Great Expectations by: Charles Dickens since I really don’t care for it. I’m also reading Outlander and I’m only 9 pages in. A little light bulb goes off and reminds me I haven’t reviewed Sarah Dessen’s Saint Anything yet and I right then, I knew that this would be a great time to do that review!


I have always been a big Sarah Dessen fan, ever since I have read her book What Happened To Goodbye in 7th grade, Something about her writing and the characters have me in love. I will sit down and read it in one sitting since they are so amazing.

Saint Anything is not like any of her other books. This one is probably the most emotional and world related one out of all of them. Something about Peyton and all the trouble has me in tears. A hint for all later readers, don’t read it in church like I did. I know, I should be paying attention in church but you don’t know me or my church.


This book deals with drugs, friendships and the hardship of having someone in jail. Peyton, Sydney’s brother has been placed in jail for many things. Drugs and destruction of property. Sydney has always been the one who has been placed in the dark. Peyton is her parents favorite since he was a great child. Once Peyton was put in jail, Sydney is still forgotten. Her parents takes her out of her private school, which she loves and places her into public school. Of course Sydney doesn’t want to but she does. After the first day at public school, Sydney goes and visits a pizza place near the school and meets Layla. Layla takes her to see the world in a new way while Sydney still has her troubles.

Sydney is something else. She can be funny then sad in the same chapter. Her relationship with her parents is different. Since her parents prefer Peyton, they want Sydney to listen to them and do what they want her to do what they say.

The cover of the book has a merry-go-round on the cover and you might be thinking, why in the world is there a merry-go-round? Well, I can’t tell you! Once you get to know more of the characters and into the middle of the book, you will know the answer to the merry-go-round!

More than likely you will need tissues while you are reading this book. It has been a while since I have cried in a book and this made me cry. You will feel like you are part of the book and become either Layla or Sydney. I highly recommend this book.

SPOILERS!!!!! – I warned you!

Basically everything that included Peyton made me cry. Since he is in prison and he doesn’t get all the time in the world to talk to Sydney and his parents. When Sydney would get yelled at because she didn’t tell her mom that Peyton called, I felt like I was Sydney. I had a pit in my stomach and I felt so bad for her since she wants to be the best she can be.

Can we just talk about Sydney and Mac for a second. I loved Mac from the beginning. Something about the way he stood and acted was lovable. When we first met Mac, I knew for a fact that he and Sydney would get together. When they did get together, I would have butterflies in my stomach because I love them so much! Whenever they would be separated, I would have anxiety in a way, even though I wasn’t one of Sarah Dessen’s character. The scene were Sydney was told that she could not go to Mac’s band’s show for the contest killed me. Mac seemed more confident and relaxed when Sydney was there.

Ames. Oh god. Ames was something else. He basically was a substitute for Sydney’s parents for Peyton. They treated Ames like their own son. They did more for Ames than they did for Sydney. When Ames said that he could not go home because he was ‘kicked out’ and he didn’t have a job, I knew that Sydney’s parents were going to take him in. There were times that Ames stepped up his game, like when Sydney has Layla was over without her parents permission. Also times of questioning, like the scene when Sydney brought Mac’s band to record and Layla’s boyfriend was drunk and Sydney had the swig. I didn’t prefer Ames like the other characters but without him, they whole plot would be lost.

My least favorite part about the whole book was not hearing a lot from Sydney’s friends from her private school. Jenn and Meredith. With all that Sydney talked about them, I think that they would have been some of my favorites. They were involved in the plot, Jenn a little more than Meredith, but I wanted to see more. Part of me wanted to have them more in the plot because they have gotten to know Sydney better than Layla has, like the past with Peyton and her family. They are sort of like a drug for me.

That ending though. When Mac texted Sydney the order to the kid that her brother hit in the accident, I died. I did not see Sydney going to his house and asking to talk to him. There has to be more I kept telling myself when I finished it since it ended like this:

““I’m Sydney Stanford,” I said. “Can I come in?”

Who wants a book to end like that?! I want more! If there is not another book that follows it, or Sarah doesn’t include this detail in her other books, I don’t know what I would do. But I have to keep telling myself that this is just a book, even though I know it isn’t just a book.

Sarah Dessen has always and will always be one of my favorite authors in the world. Something about her writing makes me love her books and have such a heavy book hangover after them. I will always be reading her books til I die, or she dies, which she will probably die first since she is older than me.

I don’t know when I will see you next but hopefully it will be soon with my review on Great Expectations! Til then, happy reading!

Rain down the book happiness,

❤ Ann

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