Lemony Snicket Book Review (Spoiler Free) 

Lemony Snicket is an author that I would never think of me, a 14 year old girl, would be reading for the first time. And I’m sad to say that I saw the movie first, but only the first hour.

Near the end of the year at school, my English teacher put on a movie that everyone thought was Annabelle. I know the teacher would never show something like that so I was interested what movie it would be. She starts the movie and the title comes across and I feel like an idiot. But I’m not the only one. A few of my other friends have the same reaction. And the first person that came to mind was Jesse, from jessethereader on YouTUBE. I was excited to see what was so good about it. While watching the movie, all I could think was, why haven’t I read these before!

At the beginning of summer, I started the series. I might of read three of them in a day. I loved it. The way that Lemony Snicket, which I learned wasn’t his name, wrote the characters and the story behind them all are so interesting and fun to read. I have only read 6 of these books so far, out of the 13, and I don’t know how it will end. I do like the ending is the same, but it is written differently and slightly different each time.

The way these books were written didn’t seem like they were written for children. He used several word that I had to take a second guess on. The wording that made me second guess really made me know that he took time in his books since Klaus loves to read (like me) so he knows larger words.
The art work that was featured in the book and the covers were breath taking. The amount of detail the artist took the time to add was unbelievable and I think it was funny that the artist is a Mormon like me.

I can’t wait to dive into the rest of the series and see how it is. So far I rate the series a 4.80 out of 5 because of a few details I thought that we could have skipped but I really love this series!!!

What books are you currently reading? Sorry I haven’t been here for a while! I have been in a little reading slump and I haven’t found a book to fix it. I’m currently reading An Ember in The Ashes by: Sabaa Tahir and I don’t know how I feel about it. It just doesn’t excite me.

Reading is BAE,

 ❤ Ann

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