Shadowhunter’s TV Show!

The Mortal Instruments are coming back into our lives and many other’s life. Recently, Cassandra Clare, the author of the series, revealed that ABC Family will be producing the show and have been tweeting back and answering questions from fans.


The cast has been really good so far but, I don’t care for 2 of them. So far they have cast actors to play:

  • Jace Herondale – Dominic Sherwood
  • Clary Fray – Katherine McNamara
  • Simon Lewis – Alberto Rosende
  • Isabelle Lightwood – Emeraude Toubia
  • Alec Lightwood – Matthew Daddario
  • Luke Garroway – Isaiah Mustafa
  • Magnus Bane – Harry Shum Jr.
  • Valentine – Alan Van Sprang

A lot of you guys have probably have no idea who in the world the actors that are playing them have been in. Well, that’s when the internet plays a big role. I remember after every casting, I went and googled them. It actually has me wondering if I have seen anything with them in it.

Dominic SherwoodDominic Sherwood – Jace Herondale

  • Born February 6, 1990
  • He is actually heterochromia, one eye is blue and the other one is brown and blue
  • Dating Modern Family star, Sarah Hyland
  • Starred in Taylor Swift‘s Style Music Video and played Christian in Vampire Academy

kat-mcnamara-e1430947089781Katherine McNamara – Clary Fray 

  • Born November 22, 1995
  • Best known for her work on Disney and Nick
    • Starred in two episodes of Jessie as Bryn
  • Kat will play Sonya in The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials 
  • Kat will also play Kat in the next upcoming season of The Fosters 

alan-van-sprangAlan Van Sprang – Valentine

  • Born June 19, 1971
  • His personal life is very PERSONAL
  • Best known for his role on Reign as King Henry the 2nd of France


Harry Shum Jr. – Magnus Bane

  • Born April 28, 1982
  • Engaged to actress Shelby Rabara since 2014, been together since 2007
  • Best known for his role of Mike Chang in Glee
  • Has also starred in iCarly, Zoey 101, and Mom’s Night Out

img_2756 Emeraude Toubia – Isabelle Lightwood

  • Most work has been done in the Spanish language
  • Some of these films and shows include Cosita Linda and Model Latina 
  • Shadowhunters will be her first English drama show job


Isaiah Mustafa – Luke Garroway 

  • Born February 11, 1974
  • Ex Football Player for:
    • Tennessee Oilers (1997)
    • Barcelona Dragons (1998)
    • Oakland Raiders (1999)
    • Cleveland Browns (1999)
    • Seattle Seahawks (2000)
  • Guest starred in several shows including NCIS, Hot in Cleveland, and Sirens
  • Starred in the movie Horrible Bosses as the Police Officer


Alberto Rosende – Simon Lewis

  • Born February 14, 1993
  • Was diagnosed with cancer in 2013 but cancer free in 2014
  • Best known for his role as Carlos in the hit show Blue Blood
  • Also has starred in the short film The Swing of Things when he played the swing dancer

matthew-daddario1 Matthew Daddario – Alec Lightwood 

  • Sister is known for her work in Percy Jackson as Annabeth
  • Started his career by staring in commercials for Burger King and Amazon Kindle
  • First big role in a movie was Breath In as Aaron
  • Also has starred in When the Game Stands Strong and the coming up movie Cabin Fever



Shadowhunters will be shot in Toronto, Canada under the direction of McG. The show will start off with the first book, City of Bones, from the very beginning. Yes, there is a movie but they want to start with a fresh plate, since they do have a new cast. The first episode is rumored to be called The Mortal Cup. There might be flash black moments to the prequel The Infernal Devices, including Jace Herondale, Clary Fry, Magnus Bane, Isabelle Lightwood and Alec Lightwood’s past. ABC Family will be the channel it is airing on around January 2016.

Ann Made This All photos belong to their rightful owners, the actors them self! You can find these images on their social media accounts!

Are you excited for the show? Do you like the cast? Who are you most excited to see act on the show? Do you like this cast or the Movie Cast better? Let me know down in the comments!


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