Nia Sioux “Star In Your Own Life” Music Video

As I sit here, looking at all the pictures from my 8th grade formal, from my friends who went, I feel like teens have really evolved over the year. A lot too. Like your parents say, “They grow up too fast.” And us kids, we are growing up too fast.

While I was watching Dance Moms this week, they played Nia Sioux’s music video for “Star In Your Own Life” and I had a lot to say about the music video. If you haven’t seen it, watch below.

I would like to go ahead and like to say, (THIS IS MY OPINION), I honestly am not a big Nia fan. I think Nia has some work to do and is a little lazy. Her mom has been seen as a conservative parent so while I watched the music video, I was shocked.

Firstly, the outfits Nia wore were sexual in a way. They had a lot adult looking clothing and can I just take a minute and talk about her on pair of shoes. I think they look like something people where to a club. A 13 year old does not need to be wearing something like that. She is 13 not 33. (In my opinion, a 33 year old doesn’t need to be wearing anything like that too)

Secondly, some of the moves in the video were totally not for a 13 year old. The one part where Nia is in the white, shaking her butt, that scene just pushed it way too far. That whole part was too sexual and just disturbing to watch. Also, the part when she has the two men in underwear, I just – I don’t know what to say about that.

Thirdly, I just hated the whole thing. It didn’t seem like something a 13 year old would do. I’m 14 and I don’t even want to think about doing that. What do you feel about it, the music video.

I checked out some of the comments on the video and most of the were praising Nia. I don’t post comments on YouTube because it is a lot of work because most of the time I am using my iPOD. I found this amazing comment that basically sums up my thoughts of the music video. I am not going to post the commenter’s name, for their own rights and privacy:

I think Nia has an outstanding voice and I like how she isn't all autotune like 
Kendall is in her song. I think the song is great and everything, but she is 
growing up way too fast. Some of her costumes and dances in this music video 
were very sexual and not appropriate for someone who is only 12 or 13. The costume 
in the beginning was sleezy and just not appropriate whatsoever for a girl of her 
age. She just needs to slow it down. And same with Kendall. Her music video didn't
 have sexual dances or anything for the most part but they tried to make her look
 way too old. Don't get me wrong, I love Nia, but I'm just not loving some of the
 decisions she is making.

The comment including in the music video’s comments have a lot of agreers for the topic while there a several haters for the music. We just need to remember, everyone is different so everyone won’t like the same thing.

I just wanted to review this music video because it just fit the topic, never grow up. Stay young forever and if you don’t, you will feel bad for it.

Hope you are enjoying some good books and see you here later!

Happy Reading,

Ann ❤

One thought on “Nia Sioux “Star In Your Own Life” Music Video

  1. I feel the same way. It makes me sad to see how Nia dresses now. Some of the other DM girls dress way older than they are too. They wear little shirts that show their bellies and short shorts that almost show their butts. 😦
    I cannot believe Holly is being influenced by Hollywood like this and allowing her daughter to dress this way. 😦 I really love Holly and Nia, and I’ve always admired Holly for her conservative views.

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