April 2015 Book Haul!

As I sit here on the ground, a Coke next to me, a lavender burning candle next 
to the Coke and looking at the bookshelf of mine, I debated what this blog post
would be about. Would it be about the first episode of Game of Thrones and the 
book review of it or my April book haul. Well, you can see which one I picked!

April was a pretty good book buying month. A lot of the books I got this month were either cheap books or books giving to me. I think I only bought 2 regular priced books this month.

I bought a total of 17 books this month. I actually have only read 9 of them. It has been a slow reading month, which you will see in a later post this month.

DSCF0408 At the beginning of the month, my family took a trip to the library. I wasn’t planning on going in, since I already have such a long TBR list but I ended up going in. Only because they had a BOOK SALE going on! I bought 6 books for $3.50. Each book was $0.50 so I had to get some! I bought during the trip to the Book Sale:

  • Twilight by: Stephanie Meyer
  • New Moon by: Stephanie Meyer
  • City of Bones by: Cassandra Clare
  • The Christmas Wedding by: James Patterson
  • Wuthering Heights by: Emily Bronte
  • Cell by: Stephen King
  • Mansfield Park by: Jane Austen

Yes I have read the Twilight series (and watched the movies). I don’t own the series because I borrowed it from the library. I got so happy when I say those and City of Bones. I actually kind of made an elderly women mad. I took City of Bones from her. It’s not my fault I wanted it. I got there first!

I took a few trips to my local Target and bookstore to get a few books. I actually got the chance to get two of these books for a really cheap price. One of them being $2.69 and $3.62. I really wanted to purchase the graphic novel to Legend but I could not find it anywhere in the store. I was also too lazy to go ask the lady about it since I was in the middle of texting a friend about stuff.

A coworker my mom works with is moving in the near future, June. I’m not sure why she gave me these books but I have taken it into these reasoning:

  1. She knew I didn’t own these books and wanted to give them to me (HAHAHA)
  2. She didn’t have room in her new house so she gave them to my mom to give to me

I thought it was really funny how she gave me two books I actually bought this month. It’s also funny how I own 2 copies of each, EACH!Twilight movie. This amazing women gave me:

  • Twilight by: Stephanie Meyer
  • New Moon by: Stephanie Meyer
  • Eclipse by: Stephanie Meyer
  • Breaking Dawn by: Stephanie Meyer
  • The Assassin’s Accomplice by: Kate Lawson
  • The Crossroad by: Beverly Lewis

I am really excited to read most of these books! I can’t wait to devour these books and review them!

Peaceful Reading,

❤ Ann

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