Happy Easter!

Easter might have been yesterday but who doesn’t love Easter? Unless you read Cassandra Clare, then it’s bad. Ducks are associated with the holiday and ducks are “bloodthirsty little beast” according to the Herondales.

So how was your Easter? Mine was okay. I woke up from some really weird dreams and ate some candy from my mom. I watched TV got dressed then went to my Grandmother’s house to celebrate. We ate food – that was ok – and watched TV. I finished Gone Girl by: Gillian Flynn which I will be watching the movie soon. I thought the book was okay too. So I got home and just watched TV for the rest of the day.

I thought it was really weird when I didn’t receive any books the whole day. It was only my parents who gave me something. Normally my Grandmother and Aunt give me something but they didn’t this year. But it’s okay.


Going away from the topic of Easter, I have a question.

How do you cheer yourself up?

I applied for some High School and College School and I got the letter that told me I wasn’t accepted. I am a smart girl and everyone knew I would be getting in. I got my letter that told me that I wasn’t getting in. It happened about half and hour ago but I am so despondent and I don’t want to do anything.


Thank you so much for reading this. Hopefully you have a good day and had a happy Easter! And if you want to, you can follow me on Snapchat at annthebookworm

❤ Ann

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