A Little More About Me 

I asked you guys on Instgram what you  wanted to see and I decided to go with this one. I have told you all a little about me but here is a little more detailed description of me, it’s better than the About Me sections of this blog. 

  1. My dad is the only male in my house. He had three daughters, two female dogs and one wife. He is the only one and he watches football all lonely because I don’t understand it. 
  2. I am in the Jr. Beta Club at my school. Beta is a national club which brings in people which high averages and are nice into a club. We do fun things like go to Basketball Games and staying at school til 2 am. And shopping! 😃
  3. I have never had a boyfriend. I know you are going to ask how I live with that. I belove 14 year olds do not need to be dating. They can’t go anywhere and they can only hang out with their parents and at school. Don’t get me wrong, some middle school/high school relationships are amazing – Mackenize and Justin. I had been asked out twice by the same persons on the same day before and I guess we are friends. We talk and joke with each other. Is that bad or a sign of love? 
  4. I am currently typing two novels rigt now. One of the books is dystopian and a lot  like Divergent where the othe is relatistic fiction. I enjoy this and I hope to see them on the shelves of a book store one day. 
  5. I don’t have a best friend. I have close friend but not a best best friend. I used to have one until she started not talking to me. Most of my close friends are fellow booklovers like myself. 
  6. I am in the school band. I at the clarinet and have done All county two times. All country is just the best players in instruments In The county. I forgot at chair Clarinet  meaning in the best middle school playing clarinets in the county. 
  7. I’m a Mormon. I go to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We are practically just like Christins but different in ways. One big difference is we call each other Brother and Sister when we talk to each other. 

I hope that told you more about me and I hope to hear about you or from you! 

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