Most Excited About Book Releases For April 2015

Spring has came and is bringing us many new books to read! But which ones are I most excited for? I can go on for years but here is the top 5 I am looking forward to!

  • April 7 – Miss Mayhem by: Rachel Hawkins
    •  This book happens to be the second book of the Rebel Belle series. At first, I thought I was going to hate Rebel Belle. It turned out to be one of my favorites. The action and romance and the suspense just kept me reading and wanting more
  • April 21 – Legend: The Graphic Novel by: Marie Lu
    • I know, this isn’t a book. It’s a graphic novel, but it’s based off a book. Let me tell you, I loved Legend. It was amazing. I loved all three of the books in the trilogy and I can’t wait to see this in picture form!
  • April 7 – The Truth About Us by: Janet Gurtler
    • I haven’t read one of her books before or honestly heard of her until I read a little about what this book would be about. It sounds really good. Well, it’s about a girl named Jess that does some stuff she shouldn’t have done. She has to start working in a soup center, dad’s orders to make him feel better. Jess meets this guy names Flynn who actually listens and cares for her. He makes her feel special. According to Goodreads, it is supposed to be for fans of Sarah Dessen and I love Sarah Dessen. A lot.
  • April 7 – The Queen of Bright and Shiny Things by: Ann Aguirre
    • I have previously heard about Ann Aguirre though school about her book Enclave. Everyone that has read it says it is amazing. I have been looking for it at the library but Alyssa (you know who you are) has it right now. This book is a contemporary about a girl who is trying to be perfect. There’s this guy who just wants to be alone. The guy starts to hang with the girl and he starts questioning things. I think it sounds really good and the cover is so pretty!
  • April 21 – Finding Paris by: Joy Preble
    • What brought me to this book was the first sentence on Goodreads. “A page-turning, evocative novel for fans of THIRTEEN REASONS WHY and SPEAK…” and let me tell you, I loved both Thirteen Reasons Why and Speak. They were amazing. This one is about two sisters who don’t have anywhere to go. Their father is abusive and the mother never is still. She has to keep moving. The sisters, Leo and Paris go off and Paris leaves Leo. Max, a friend from school, is there and Leo and Max go off to find Paris.

I am so excited that it is SPRING! New clothing, sandals and new book releases. Trust me, there is a lot more books. I think it is weird that 2/5 come out April 21 and 3/5 come out April 7. My parents are going to kill me April 7. Books a Million, you better watch out!

What are you most excited about to come out in April? Let me know in the comments!

Hopping Along,

❤ Ann

2 thoughts on “Most Excited About Book Releases For April 2015

  1. You sound like me when I was your age. I believe good book-worms do well with their life in general. I haven’t written a kind of book you would like to read so far, but I would like to try some day. At first, I wrote for my children. Now, I’m working on a book for teens. Again, it’s not a dystopian story as you call it. I will let you know when It appears in Amazon Book Store. Exploring other kind of books is also good. By the way, most of my books are eBooks. Happy reading, little bookworm! Love you.


    1. Thanks so much! I’m sorry I didn’t see this earlier but I have been so busy with other stuff! I’m so excited to read something of yours because I think it will be AMAZING!!!!


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