Insurgent by: Veronica Roth

Hopefully by now you all know about the book series Divergent by: Veronica Roth. If you haven’t, what in the world is wrong with you!? (I mean that in a nice way. I ❤ You ALL!) Insurgent just came to theaters today, March 20, I thought I might share my thoughts on the book, trailer, and more!


The book was amazing! Insurgent was my favorite between Allegiant and Divergent. I thought the story line and the characters were so much better than the first one. <Beware of spoilers>

When Tris and Tobias went through the ‘truth serum’, I loved Christina. She was so funny and confused, which was amazing. When she heard something about Tobias, she would lean over and ask Tris if she knew about that already. I hated the part where Tris has to say she killed Will, a part of me died for Christina. She thought she could trust Tris but she wants to second guess herself now.

Tris’ and Tobias’ relationship was so much better acted in this one. The two had their fights, which made them love each other more. Every couple/relationships have their arguments every so often but they get over them. In Divergent, the two never fought and got along infallibly. Insurgent, they got into a few fights about stuff but they always got over them.  Sometimes, the two would get in a fight for no reason, which was so funny!

I didn’t like Tobias’ mom Evelyn. I thought she was too corky and self centered. She was too proud of herself and only brought the two in to talk because she wanted to warn them about what will happen later in the world. All the time as she was there, I just wanted her gone. I hated her to death. Maybe in the movie she will be better and I might like her. Naomi Watts is an amazing actress so I might.



The first trailer I watched was the one she was saving her mom from the burning building. I watched it the day it came out with my family and we were all lost. She is saving her mom that is already dead. My mom was the only other one who has read it and she was lost and couldn’t remember either. Luckily, the next trailer was a little easier to understand but one thing. The box. The box made no sense. I did some research and found out that it is some of Veronica’s favorite scenes wrapped up into one small box. The rest of the trailers that came out just got more amazing and more amazing. I loved them, especially the OFFICIAL one. That was impeccable.

You definitely knew that they had money that went into this movie. The graphics, the scenes, the outfits were great. I have yet to see the movie, idk why I am doing this then, but I can’t wait to see the greatness that money can do for a money. .

I like to compare this to The Hunger Games movie’s in a way. The Hunger Games started of with very little money. They needed to see if people were going to see the movie and want to see more. Catching Fire has the great technology and the great creations that were everywhere in the movie. Don’t even get me started on Mockingjay. We might be here til Christmas 2020.


Like before, I have not seen the movie yet. I should be going sometime with my friend then going out to dinner with her and her mom. I do know this much about it so far:

  • They are playing the first trailer to Mockingjay Pt. 2
  • They are also playing the trailer for Paper Towns (which Google lied to me when it was supposed to come out 😦 )

I am really excited to see this movie since it will probably the last BIG movie before Graduation that I will be able to share with my friends before we go our separate ways. Some applied for a High School/College School, like me, and others are ‘feeding’ into the main High School. If I don’t see this movie, I will probably die and have no clue what people are talking about at lunch. My mom already told me I had to wait for the DVD to let me and her watch it, unless she is a nice mother. Highly Doubt That Though.

What do you think about Insurgent the movie (if you have seen it) or the book if you have read it? Let me know and I will comment back!

Happy being DIVERGENT! Be brave,

❤ Ann

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