Sweet Sleep By: Kim Cormack Review 

Let me go ahead and say that I kept putting this book on the side seeing I had other things to read for school but once I picked it up, I couldn’t put it down. The plot, the characters, everything was impeccable. 

We start the book off with Kayn, a girl that seems pretty normal. She has a best friend named Kevin and a family that loves her a lot. After a day of running, a man comes and attacks her home and family. She and her brother are the only ones to survive, seeing that her brother wasn’t there. Being in a coma for 7 months, she has some problems coping with her life. Finding out that it is her and her brother in life. With Kevin’s help, it seems to go back to normal. When Kayn starts to see her dead sister Chloe, she knows something isn’t right.  Chloe posses her body at time, making her have no control. She can read people’s minds and can move things if she thinks about it for a while. What could be causing all of this to be happen? Read the book to know! 

Fans of Stephen King’s Carrie or Michelle Hodkins’ Mara Dyer series or even the Beautiful Creators series will enjoy this book. This book is beautiful and will enjoy this book a whole lot. You will be happy with what you spent your money on!

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