Lets Talk About CLASSICS

Currently I have been reading many classics. My English teacher told me I need to challenge myself and read more classics, since I read so many books, so fast. I normally read the dystopian young adult books and would only read that. Of course I read other Young Adult books but I loves dystopian. I read To Kill A Mockingbird and Frankenstein earlier this year but I didn’t enjoy them. I like To Kill A Mockingbird a little but it wasn’t my favorite in the world.

I decided to read 1984 by George Orwell as my first classic. Let me tell you, I HATE classics. I thought the book had a good plot and good characters but I couldn’t get into it. -To see my full review, visit my GoodReads page.

I finished both Beowulf and Jane Eyre yesterday. I really got into Jane Eyre in the beginning but towards the end <spoiler alert> when she changed her name and I got really lost. In Beowulf, I couldn’t get into it anyway in the world. The whole book is written as a poem which makes it even worst. I thought the author, which we don’t know who it is, did a good job with all the action and the drama and the characters in the book, which I enjoyed.

Currently I am not reading a classic, but an adult book. I’m reading Nicholas Sparks Safe Haven. I started last night and only read 10 minutes and I really enjoy it. The book already has amazing characters and a great plot.

What is your favorite classic? Maybe I’ll read it. Let me know in the comments!

❤ Ann

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