Hi! Just a Little About Me

This will be my first ever blog post and I wanted to tell you all a little about myself, so you feel like you know me. Here are 13 things about myself.

1. My name is Ann. I am actually 14 years old and loves to read! (Duh…)

2. I have two sisters and no brothers, I am the oldest.

3. I am obsessed with Taylor Swift, along with books. I love Taylor Swift way too much.

4. I am a Mormon. I go to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

5. I didn’t get into reading until last year, 7th grade when I read Divergent.

6. I am a Jr. BETA Club member.

7. I am a 14 year old who has read and watched the True Blood series. I actually loved them…

8. I have never had a boyfriend. I mean, I have been asked out but no boyfriends.

9. I don’t own a phone. I only have an iPOD, a laptop, TV, camera and a kindle (an old one too)

10. I have to take Zumba classes with my mom to earn books from my parents.

11. I have watched bookTUBE and my favorite is Christine Riccio

12. I still have not finished the Percy Jackson series. I have finished the first only.

13. Whenever my dad goes out in public, I have to go with him. I’m his Adult Supervision.

I hope that told you a little bit about me. If you ever want to know something, just ask in the comments!

❤ Ann

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